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Living ENWorld:Adventure:A Trek to the Vineyards

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Broom icon.png This adventure needs to be recompiled from the Living ENWorld forum.
Please review the adventure thread and make a summary and a list of important information.

A Trek to the Vineyards

  • Location Orussus
      • Mr. Brindle, works for Fenton, along with several young men and a young dwarf

    • Toad(deaf half*orc) and Billie(human), young street Urchins of Orussus, they look up to Troi Delmontees
  • Location Vingarius Vineyards
    • 20 miles south, south east of orussus
    • Far side of a small valley
    • Main manor house door opens into a foyer 40ft long by 20ft wide four doors
    • east door contains a gameroom
    • The Foyer empties into a hallway running West to East, with several doors along it's length. Past the Kitchen (on the North side of the hallway) lies the easiest path to the stairs up.
    • bedroom on the second floor
  • NPCs VV
    • Daryn Vingsrius, young boy
    • Orson Vingarius, Older brother
    • Marinya "Mavreena" Vingarius, Mother
    • AdolphusVingarius, Father (Dead)
  • Location Roadhouse three miles out of Orussus
    • Enbard Gunnerson, Road Warden
    • The road house has common rooms you can sleep in for a copper a night
    • it's a two*story structure painted white and blue, with terra cotta tiles set upon it's roof.
    • A barn ,outhouse and smithy also sit alongside the Roadhouse, and a small garden can be seen behind and a well across the road
    • Up*keep by the mayor
  • Location Vanchar
    • in the southlands
    • Native word for "orchid of the sun" is Mavreena
  • A map to Delmar's Tower was found. Delmar's Tower is 15 miles from Orussus in some direction.

-Adventure recompiled by Logicsfate

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