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Living ENWorld:Adventure:Attack on the Bandit Camp

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Attack on the Bandit Camp (DM: Patlin)


Attack on the Bandit Camp
DM: Patlin
Characters: [
Rinaldo DiSensio
Nezrak Duskstar
Dioran Uthelem
Ashnar Mortist

This adventure started with the posting of a reward by the Road Wardens for the capture or killing of a group of bandits who had been maurading on the roads around Orussus. In this fairly straightforward encounter, the group snuck up on the camp and overpowered its occupants.

Noteworthy points:
The Road Wardens patrol the roads around Orussus, and at times hire adventurers to assist them on particularly difficult assignments.

In this adventure, 5 of the 8 PCs were arcane casters.

Location Information, Compiled by El Jefe

There were some tid bits in this one:

  • The road wardens have a small local office in Orussus, in addition to the main offices on each of the roads heading out of town.
  • Close enough to Orususs to be of concern to the Road Wardens and far enough away to not be "close to" any specific town is an abandoned bandit camp.
  • The abandoned bandit camp is in a hilly and wooded area.
  • The abandoned bandit camp is surrounded by a palisade.
  • The abandoned bandit camp is in sufficiently uneven ground that there are spots where the palisade can be jumped.
  • The abandoned bandit camp once had three watchtowers.

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