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Living ENWorld:Adventure:Crocodile Rock

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Broom icon.png This adventure needs to be recompiled from the Living ENWorld forum.
Please review the adventure thread and make a summary and a list of important information.

Crocodile Rock (DM: Goblin King, Judge: Knight Otu)

This was a classic dungeon crawl through the sewers under Orussus. Unfortunately, the adventure ended prematurely after the first encounter. However, it did introduce us to these items about a small part of Orussus's sewers:

  • There is a place in EnWorld called Bryth Manor.
  • There is an abandoned water works beneath Orussus.
  • There is a network of sewers under Orussus. Maps exist of this network.
  • At least one of the doors on one of the back rooms in the Red Dragon Inn has a bolt that can be thrown to lock the door.
  • Just outside of Orussus is a ravine with a gated entrance to the city sewers. The town guard usually holds the key to the gate.
  • At the entrance to the Orussus sewers that lies in a ravine, a tunnel continues toward the city. In a little ways, two round side tunnels go up sharply and back.
  • Beyond the first set of branching tunnels in the sewer tunnel that starts from the ravine just outside of Orussus is a second set almost exactly like the first. Beyond that is a 4-way intersection, and beyond that, a large octagonal chamber.
  • Near the 4-way intersection in the sewer tunnel that starts from the ravine just outside of Orussus is a bricked-over passage.

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