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Living ENWorld:Adventure:Festival of Halina

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Festival of Halina (DM: Bront, Judge: Orsal)

For an adventure that had over 1000 posts in the first half alone, you'd think there was more location information. In that respect, Festival of Halina suffered from a few things:

  1. Many of the locations had already been described in other threads.
  2. Much of the action (hundreds of posts) took place in one general location.
  3. That location was temporary


  • The intersection of the road to Lathirn and the road to Fallon makes a "T". To the side is a clearing with a firepit.
  • On the other side of the great ocean from Orussus lies a land with a forest shared by elves and fey.
  • Covington is a small town, but it has a large temple of Halina.
  • Covington is surrounded by 4 large fields which are used yearly for the festival, north, south, east, and west.
  • The road that passes through Covington enters from the northeast and leaves to the southwest.
  • At the Festival of Halina, the north and south fields are for merchants, the west for the Freefolk, and the east for official festivities.
  • There is at least one cotton plantation somewhere near Rheim.
  • Lemon wine is a unique treat that can be found in the Rheim area.

  • There is a library in Covington.
  • There is a town square in the center of Covington

That's it. Quite a grab bag, eh?

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