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Living ENWorld:Adventure:Heroes of The Vesper Peaks

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Heroes of The Vesper Peaks (DM: Creamsteak, Judge: Uriel)

For a while, this held the distinction of being the longest-running adventure in Living Enworld. Alas, that was also its downfall, as the reason it was so long-running was the slow posting rate. But before it eventually folded, it provided a wealth of information about the lands near the tower of fire.

All of this information has been detailed in the City of Ignussus.

Here's a description of Uther's:

The inn you enter is a large building, and the interior looks to be stone even though the exterior to the building is overlayed with heavy clay. Inside you find a very quiet and rather putrid smelling place with only a handful of customers. On the sign above the innkeepers rocking chair it reads, "No Magic, No Pets."
The innkeeper is a tiny little man, human, but small enough to be a thin dwarf. He has a big white mustache and seems to be covered from head to toe in his pajamas. The greyhaired fellow has a cat in his lap, and when he notices the incoming crowd he plucks the cat up in both hands and puts it down on the floor.
"How many of you are there? I've got six rooms, all of them are empty. The rest of the rooms are on permanent free rental by the guild."

There's a sort of "entrance cavern" to the mines, and here's a description of it:

The red rock that makes up the walls of this cavern are unreasonably jagged. Walking too close, a person could easily be cut on the stone. However, the cavern is at lest 10 feet wide and 10 feet high throughout this enterance. There is very little in the way of supports at this level, the rock appears to have naturally formed this first bit of cavern and stands on it's own.
The first interior room, as Kreepto explains, is an elevator shaft. It can go up or down into the mountain, at intervals of approximately 50 feet per shaft. The elevator travels straight down, but in order to move up into the mountain it travels at a slow incline of approximately 10 degrees.
"Those are the new caves. We never dig up until last year."
The elevator is a rope and pulley operated machine. It appears that the elevator is primarily used for the purpose of conveying large amounts of weight, such as rock being moved out of the mines. The actual incline to move up is easy enough to traverse on foot. The way down is a deep pit, and although a skilled climber may be able to descend, a fall would more than likely be lethal.

After that, there is a second room deeper into the mines. It appears thus:

The ground seems to tremble a bit as you reach the edge of the first edge of the incline. Kreepto speaks up to explain that this is the first upper level, and that this level is safe from the gas. Everyone can see that the supports (some of iron, some of stone, and most of wood) are in good condition.
Everyone: This room is 20 feet by 80 feet (long), stretching forwards from the entrance. There are two (almost empty) lanterns set along the left wall. They each emit 30 feet of light, which is good enough to see most of the room, save the last 5 feet on each end which is only dimly illuminated.

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