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Living ENWorld:Adventure:Slaying the Dreamer

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Slaying the Dreamer (Judge: Uriel)

This was a setting that could be almost anywhere, as the PCs were teleported to the distant land Ushad, and saw relatively few landmarks once there.

  • A wizard named Janos lives in Ushad. His house contains an underground room that with a door on the north wall that leads to a hallway, then to an iron-clad door, then up some stairs to a small room at the surface, with an unlocked iron-clad door leading to the outside. This door is usually wizard locked.
  • Mirrek, the enemy of the wizard of Ushad named Janos, lives a mere 15 minute walk through some woods away from him.
  • Mirrek lives in a a grand mansion. It is lit by two continual flames by the front door, a heavy oak door with arcane carvings. There are at least 2 windows in the front of the house.

-Adventure recompiled by El Jefe

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