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Living ENWorld:Adventure:The Haunted Halls of Stonespike

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Broom icon.png This adventure needs to be recompiled from the Living ENWorld forum.
Please review the adventure thread and make a summary and a list of important information.

The Haunted Halls of Stonespike (DM: Uriel)

A completed adventure that emphasized (in my opinion) one of the pitfalls of making up an adventure on the fly. But I'll leave that for discussion. Some observations:

  • Starting from Orussus early in the day, the banks of the River Grellgo can be reached 3 hours before sundown.
  • The Great East Road turns north at the River Grellgo
  • The River Grellgo is 50-60 feet across when swollen.
  • At the ford, the west bank of the River Grellgo is higher than the east bank. There are some boulders on the west bank and trees on the east bank.
  • There is a bridge about 8 miles downstream from the ford over the River Grellgo.
  • Almost within sight of the bridge over the River Grellgo lies the Bainlunder Lodge, which only accepts barter, not coin, for services. The lodge is 50 feet by 25 feet in size.
  • Some 70 miles east of the Bainlunder Lodge across the plains of Bainlund lies a copse of trees.

Now, for a description of Stonespike itself:

It is with a mixture of relief and forboding that, several hours later, and far into the afternoon, the Companions crest a hill and look for the first time as the ancient Dwarven Mansion of Stonespike.

Dozens of houses and other buildings can be seen through the open Gates sitting in the center of tall stone walls, their entire length pitted and scored. Atop the Wall, stout figures in Boar-faced helms can be seen, spears and crossbows held at ease, though their eyes are sharply scrutinizing you.
At the Gates, a guard approachesm his boots spattered with mud and grime, as is the cobbled road behind him.

Beyond the Gates and the protective Wall, a small town lays. In actuality, there are perhaps 30 buildings above ground, with Urgan mentioning that most of the Folk live in the mountainside itself, as is natural.
Of what he speaks becomes evident, as you set eyes upon another Gathe, this one set against the Mountainside itself, this one clearly shut, great iron doors closed to the outside.Algram rides off to a nearby building, dismounts and goes in.

Urgan points at the building and says 'Thet be an Inn for travellers, though few do we get these days.

At the Inn, young Dwarfs take the reigns of your steeds, leading them to the Stable, and another shows you inside.
The interior is dim and smoky, with the only patrons being a half dozen Bainlunders and an equal amount of Dwarves, Miners by the look of them.

A dour faced old Dwarf Matron *ahems* and looks to you for what you'd like, as a conspicous space has already been made for you at a large table, and all eyes seem to be upon you.

There was also this about Stonespike:

  • The Stonespike inn is named the Blue Goblin
  • On the upper level of Stonespike Manor, six flights of stairs above the entrance, is a passage lined with suits of armor that resemble past Lords of the Manor.
  • Stonespike Manor has two main levels.

Here is yet more description of the Manor itself, hewn from solid rock:

Making your way down the stairs to the lower levels, you are quite impressed with the level of detail that the Stonespike Dwarves worked their home with. Torch Sconces are ornate with scenes of warriors,anvils, mining and everyday life of Chennet's Folk. Murals painted upon walls in the stairways show the history of the place.The flagstones of the floor are patterned in intricate and beautiful designs of pale blue, russet red and the most beautiful shade of pale green.

The Lower level is much cooler than the upper level, although there is an obvious clash of temperature, as the Forges to the South conflict with the river that travels into the Hold. Several Dwarfs are fishing in the water, glancing at you nervously, though not with alarm, as you are obviously not the beast. The Causeway leading to the Crypts is a low affair, the walkway a mere foot above the level of the water.One of the fishermen sees you looking at it and says 'Fear not thet ye'll ghit stranded, friends. The water never gits higher then the causeway. Fact is, we kin shut 'er off as well, with a small dam near where the river enters the Hold.'

Some more facts about Stonespike:

  • Water enters the lower level of Stonespike from the west. The water flows in through a passage with a low ceiling.
  • The river that flows through the lower level of Stonespike emerges about a half-mile later outside the Manor, in open air.

And here is a description of the crypts on the lower level of Stonespike:

Moving into the Crypr Chamber, all are filled with a somber reverance. Here were hundreds of years of Family. The heads of stone coffins showed from the wall, with plaques and runic inscriptions around the rim of each.

Upon the floor, small braziers stood, the remains of incense, some long burned, some no more than a day old, stained the insides, the smell of mingling herbs hanging lightly in the chamber.

There was no sign of any destroyed graves, such as might exist with some Undead.

And some final facts about Stonespike:

  • There is a 4 foot by 2 foot cleft in the ceiling of the crypts of Stonespike.
  • The upper halls of Stonespike about about 90 feet above the crypt.
  • The cleft in the roof of the crypts of Stonespike leads up to a place that could be used by a beast as a lair. From there, a fissure continues deep underground.
  • The fissure leading from the crevice in the roof of the crypt in Stonespike has been sealed by the Dwarves.

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