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Living ENWorld:Adventure:The Trindle Isle Market

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The Trindle Isle Market (DM: Patlin, Judge: Manzanita)

This was a short adventure by Patlin. Like Short and Sweet, the resolution was lost in the Crash of '06.

The Trindle Isle Market was noteworthy for having the first permanent PC death in LEW, when a 1st-level CE Orc character insulted the first mate of the ship he was on, then decided to take on roughly 30 of the ship's crew at once.

That happened just as the adventure was getting underway. The remaining PCs had to pick up a package on the Isle and return it to Orussus. While killing time in the only inn on the Isle, the remaining two witnessed a large bar fight break out. One of the surviving players went AWOL about this time, and his character disappeared from the game. The sole survivor then watched as a press gang entered the inn, rounding up all present to serve in the Monemvassian (if I remember correctly) Navy. The last PC fled upstairs and used second-story skills to evade involuntary naval service. Things blew over, he caught his ship to Orussus, delivered the package, and pocketed the entire reward for the trip for himself.

  • The Raddanor family has a small office on the docks of the city of Orussus, near the sea and with a good view of the harbor area.
  • There is a place in Living EnWorld called Trindle Isle, accessable by ship from Orussus.
  • It is four days by ship from Orussus to Trimble Island.
  • Trindle Island has only one town, a small collection of ramshackle buildings.
  • Trindle Island rises to a peak beyond the town.
  • There is an inn on Trindle Island a few blocks from the docks.
  • Trindle Isle Market is known as a lawless place.
  • The inn a few blocks from the docks on Trindle Island is slightly seedy, caters to sailors, has tables on the first floor and rooms to rent elsewhere.
  • The common room of the Trindle Isle Inn is a bit wild, with sailors drinking, gambling, and occasionally fighting.
  • Trindle Isle is populated mostly by itinerant sailors, businesses that cater to them, and a few farmers. There are few land-based businesses on the Isle, a herbalist among


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