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Living ENWorld:Adventure:Tracking Down Sullivan

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Broom icon.png This adventure needs to be recompiled from the Living ENWorld forum.
Please review the adventure thread and make a summary and a list of important information.

Tracking Down Sullivan (DM: Creamsteak, Judge: Knight Otu)

This was the aborted continuation of Dwarven Golems and Old Ruins. It had plenty of information, mostly about the city of Allimon, some of which has appeared earlier in this thread.

First, a lengthy description of Allimon:

The gates to Allimon are watched by two towers at each entrance. Each of these towers has a strange domed roof painted in an odd shade of orange.

Gregorian finds himself entering Allimon through the merchant quarter. This region is full of foriegn trades, many trading currency of unfamiliar types and quantities. There is a caravan from the far south-east that has drawn a circle in the middle of the quarting, squeezing the foot-traffic to the point of suffocation. These south-easterners wear light hooded robes, hinting at their religious heritage. Each also seems to be in possession of no small amount of gold chains and trinkits, and many seem to guard these possessions even subconciously in their motions - constantly checking their pockets, neck, arms, hands, and fingers for their own apparel.

You can see, in the distance, six men with crossbows sitting on top of a building. They seem to be looking down on the crowd diligently looking for some form of trouble. They don't seem to be dressed in the uniform of the town guard, a red shirt and pants that you could see a handful of men at the gates wearing, but they are indeed armed and armored. Perhaps they are employees of the caravan itself, or of the local merchants.

Silvercat finds himself entering the city in the religious quarter. Temple street, which is one of the largest streets in the town, leads straight from the gate to the center of Allimon where the inner keep is located. There are very few people on this road, only a handful of priests and servants seem to be in motion on this giant paved-way. On your way in, there was a young man waiting by the gate. He was wearing studded leather armor and appears to be armed with a scimitar on his right hip. His yellow bandana and short hair hint that he might be a member of some sort of shady guild or gang, but he seems suspicious as this is certainly not a place where many thugs would congregate.

There are also armed templar on all sides of this street, on the buildings, in the towers, and by the gates to the different temples, libraries, and homes. They seem quite observant, watching your every movement from their guarded positions as you pass.

Devlin enters the city into the largest of the residential districts. Here there are many people talking in the streets. There is a sewage problem, which could be smelled from outside the gates to the city. There are bakers selling bread through the windows to their homes, smiths working steel outdoors in front of watching children, young men running errands for their workmasters, and three homes being constructed out of stone by a construction team comprised of gnomes, dwarves, and humans.

This is a pleasant town, full of pleasant people, happily living their lives away from the threats of the major regions. The only sign of danger is the ominous keep in the center of town that acts as the home of all government in Allimon. You can make out the domed buildings of the religious quarter to the north, and the bustling streets of the merchant quarter to the south.

The gate you pass through appears to have been severely damaged recently. Some workers are attempting to repair a four foot wide hole in the easternmost tower. The men appear to be quite busy, and unaware of your passing. Once you get inside of the gates, you can see that there are huge taverns on both sides of the entrance. The one on the left is labled, "New Constantine" and the one on the right is labled "Old Gertrude." They are stone structures with domed roofs that are connected by a stone bridge between the inns. There are many windows on the top floors of these buildings, and if you look inside there are many tables and chairs inside of each.

You find yourself in the light trade end of the merchant quarter. Here there are a number of inns, permanent shops, and other sorts of places of commerce and business. Very near the gate is a large sign which gives instruction on what some of the buildings are, providing a map of this quarter of the city. You can see that there is a merchants guild, a bounty hunters guild stop-by, a mages guild, and a handful of other buildings and shops. There is also a building with a scratched off name on the map located on what would represent the south end of this quarter, behind six other buildings and not connected to the streets at all.

The light traffic in this region is not too rough, but you can tell that the traffic to the South, in the merchant quarter, is horrendous. The temple district in the north seems to have the opposite effect.

Next, a description of the city center:

There are no inns or taverns on the road leading into the center of town. What you find instead is a highway, two barracks on each side, and then a moat. The moat has a permanent stone bridge that has some strange sort of silvery glow to it, and at the other end is a gate which has been raised to allow incoming traffic. The heavy towers on either side seem to be meant for fighting against airborn agression, as they've been mounted with dozens of repeating artillery crossbows facing in all directions, but always with a slant upwards. Once past the 10 ft. thick walls, the central area opens up to your vision and you can see the keep clearly a short distance away. To your left and right are circular paths dotted with buildings, and you can spot a small stone building with a domed roof on the righthand path. It has a tiny (by comparison to the walls) tower on the far side, domed with a blue roof. A sign above the door reads, "Allimon Exploration Company".

And a couple of short snippets:

  • The Allimon Exploration Company smells of boiled cabbage and sulfur.
  • Whatever college or guild Sullivan is part of in Allimon, there is a more powerful one in Orussus that it is subservient to.

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