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Living ENWorld:Basalt Citadel

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The Basalt Citadel

The Basalt Citadel is located about 5000 miles south-southeat of Orussus, in the Lands of Fire. It consists of an outcropping of hexagonal basalt columns extending about a thousand feet into the sky. Paths along the columns are steep and treacherous. From the highest column, one can see into the sinkhole of the Lands of Negative Energy.

The Monastic Order of the Nightingale

The Citadel is home to the Monastic Order of the Nightingale, a clan of elves who migrated to the Lands of Fire long ago for mysterious reasons that they are unwilling to share. Their skins are darker than most elves, and they are not aesthetic as much as ascetic. They spend much of their lives in meditation and struggling to survive in their unlikely place.

Quozen Ilphukiir is an elf monk who has wandered from the Basalt Citadel to Orussus, out of curiosity.

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