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Living ENWorld:Bruinthor Mountains

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Bruinthor Mountains

The Bruinthor mountains are range of craggy peaks and dormant volcanoes located in the southeastern part of Enworld. Few passes exist through the mountains and the hills are devoid of vegetation, making the area inhospitable for those without the ability of flight.

Underneath the mountains, however, lie an extensive network of caverns. These caverns are home to three clans of dwarves, collectively known as the Bruinthor. Clan Bruin is the ruling clan of the Bruinthor, and most of the warriors and priests of the nation come from this clan. Clan Durvinn is the merchant class, and its members are almost all skilled craftsmen of one sort or another. Clan Blondain consists mainly of the unskilled laborers - farmers, miners, and others who provide the nation with its needed resources.

The dwarves of Bruinthor are taller and stockier than others found throughout ENworld. Their skin is of a darker complexion, ranging from an olive tone to a dark brown. They wear their beards trimmed short and styled.

The current ruler of Bruinthor is Boli Kam'Bruin III. Atypical of dwarven rulers, he is quite soft-spoken and timid. He remains ever fearful of a human invasion from the west, and has brokered many a trade deal with the humans that seems almost as if he is paying a tribute, buying the lives of his countrymen in exchange for weapons and gems. There are grumblings among the craftsmen, ashamed at the meager price that they receive for their work. Though revolution is practically unheard of in dwarven society, many whisper that something should be done about the situation before it's too late.

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