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Living ENWorld:Carduth

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Empire of Carduth

Massive Empire located East of Orussus, on the other side of the Bainlund Hills and the Stonepike Mountains. Currently expanding Westwards, perhaps 700 miles east of Orussus, for now.... Its capital is said to be Lhondaio.

The Carduthian Empire(1) possesses the largest land army in the known Enworld, though they are spread out in many locations. The legions are backed by wizards and air cavalry (hippogriffs). The force arrayed against Bainlund and Stonepike is rumoured at 10,000...while the Bainlunders have barely 3,000 career soldiers and Stonepike half that (1700 or so). Not an Evil Empire specifically, but an expansionist one that seeks to subjugate and/or assimilate those on its borders. There are dark rumors as to the treatment of slaves taken in battle. The last great expansion of Carduth was nearly 40 years ago, when they annexed the Sultanate of Gallipona, a desert land of spices and horse traders to the south of Carduth.

Carduth is at odds with Hendralia to the north(2), and seeks alliance with Rivenblight against that realm of barbarians. So far, none has manifested except in the most vague of ways, and always to the Elves' advantage.

-Created by Uriel

(1) cf Roman Empire (2) cf Goths/Celts

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