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Living ENWorld:Fallon

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Fallon, the Sunken City of Falls


100 years ago, the famous astrologer Bentilous Forlune, discovered an asteroid that was destined to strike Fallon and destroy it utterly. Bentilous let the college of wizardry in the city know of this, and after verifying the information through arcane, scientific and theological avenues, the city pulled its resources to save itself.

With in the time period before the asteroid would hit, the magic-users made great strives and advances to protect their city, and what would come after the strike.

They finally erected a barrier of energy over and around the city to protect it from the asteroid. It worked... but not exactly as they had planned.

When the meteor hit the barrier, instead of nothing happening to the city, the city was driven into the floor of the earth some 1000 feet! The barrier had saved the people, but the sea that was their lively hood started to fill the void that the meteor had left.

Once more, the mages worked to overcome this threat in the now submerged city (the barrier was still intact, and kept the water outside of it, though it also kept air out as well). They first derived a way to keep the water from filling up the void with spells that moved the incoming water out of the crater almost as fast as it came in. With the remaining water, they created purifying spells and separating spells to separate the sea life from the water and provide fresh water for the city.

They then created spells that would prevent the walls of the newly formed pit form eroding. Many other spells were created, but the most important one was the Sentinel spell that watched all of the other spells and reported any problems, or potential problems. The Sentinel Spell worked on a console that the other spells were hooked to. Through the console, all of the spells that protect the city can be manipulated and strengthened periodically.


Democracy with Theocracy and Magocracy undertones.

The city is controlled through two different parties who meet in the Great Council of Wisdom and Intellect (GCWI) to determine new legislature that may become laws if the Grand Councilor passes it. These two groups are representatives of the church and the School of Wizardry. Each one contains 6 individuals, all of which are voted to their positions for life, or until dismissed. The citizens of Fallon vote for the new representative when a position is available from a group of candidates from the appropriate organizations: The College of Wizardry or from The Halls of Gods.

The Grand Councilor is a temporary position that is filled from the 12 representatives of the GCWI. The position is voted on once every 5 years, and Grand Councilor can be reelected any number of times.

Places in the City

The Halls of Gods: A great temple erected to pay homage to all of the gods in the heavens. It is known especially for its ever-growing diameter as new wings are continuously added to the star shaped building for each new god that is recognized and discovered. Each wing holds it's own services and rituals; it's own staff and members. In the center of the ever-growing temple is a huge rotunda where the heads of each of the wings meet once a year to discuss the welfare of faith and the city.

The College of Wizardry: Where the Halls of Gods is the center of theology in Fallon, the College of Wizardry is the center of arcane knowledge and power. The collage has it's own section of Fallon for itself, and has since filled it completely with buildings... so now they build up, rather then out. The growing towers of the college are the only things from the city that those outside of the crater can see, some of the building reaching 15 stories in height. The College is ran by the Head Master, an elected position that is only filled by professors of the school (Usually a member of the GCWI, though that is not a prerequisite). It's a life long position.

The Garden of Life: The Garden of Life is a large park that was created during the time when the city was submerged. It was created to replenish the air of the city. Now, the park is a place of beauty and relaxation, as well as housing the Chapter of Druids in its heart. A full mile square, the Council meets on the winter and summer peaks to discuss the welfare of the world, and environment of the city and surrounding territories. The druids are a loosely organized group that tends to work individually.

The docks: At the base of the falls from the incoming sea, the docks still exist, and so do the awesome waterspouts that transport the ships to and from the zenith of the falls to the docks. Every 30 minutes, a water sport will start to shoot up into the air, carrying any floating object on it to eject it into the open sea right beyond the pull of the falls. It then slowly reseeds, giving ships from the sea an opportunity to get on the top of the spout for a ride down to the docks. In this fashion, the ever-oncoming sea is ejected from the cities environment. There are other waterspouts that are consistently working to alleviate the water from the crater.

The caves: In the rock walls of the crater, many of the dwarvish and gnomish citizens have made their homes. In the last 100 years, a honeycomb of caverns has been created. A deposit of iron, as well as copper has been discovered to keep the dwarves busy, and various semi-precious stones for the gnomes. The two groups combined account for 20% of the total citizenship of Fallon. The majority of Fallon is human.

The Bridge City (or upper city): Spanning the crater, bridges of marble and quarts have been created. They span always from west to east, following the cliff sides that the sun would touch. The cliff sides now look more like jewels, the polished stone carved into houses and shops where they would catch the infrequent rays of the sun. This is the home of the elves in the city (comprising 10% of the population). The elves were invited into the city before the asteroid hit and, though most left once it was safe to, some decided to stay... and those same are still there, creating this artwork in architecture.

Outside the City

  • The town of Triesk is just in between Fallon and Old Medibaria, 64 miles from both.


Councilors of the GCWI:

Mage Councilor 1: Mithreander H'unnett, Male Grey Elf Diviner 9 Align: CG

Mage Councilor 2: Grand Councilor, Level 6

Mage Councilor 3:

Mage Councilor 4:

Mage Councilor 5:

Mage Councilor 6:

Cleric Councilor 1:

Cleric Councilor 2:

Cleric Councilor 3:

Cleric Councilor 4:

Cleric Councilor 5:

Cleric Councilor 6: Theora Thundershield, Female Mountain Dwarf Cleric of Gundar 9 Align: LN

Racial Leaders of Fallon:

Elven Leader: Mithreander H'unnett, Male Grey Elf Diviner 9 Align: CG

Dwarven Leader: Theora Thundershield, Female Mountain Dwarf Cleric of Gundar 9 Align: LN

Orcish Representative:

Gnomish Leader:

-Created by Mithreander

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