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Living ENWorld:Geography

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Shape of the World

The first map of Enworld. (Some aspects out of date.)

Enworld is a hexagonal disk of 25,000 miles diameter, carried by the vast elephant - called the Enworphant - through the Astral Plane. Time flows because Enworphant eternally walks. Should it ever stop, everything would freeze in a stillness of death. As it walks, with every little step it takes reality vibrates, and it sends slow waves of time upon Enworld. On Enworld's surface these waves collide, creating small ripples in the tissue of time. Wherever smaller crests rise, time starts flowing faster; wherever they ebb, time slows as the place is slowly left behind. Most people don't notice these ripples, but travellers occasionally encounter inconsistencies in time. At every point of the hexagon sits one of the Elemental Towers, and the lands near them are sometimes called the Elemental Lands, shaped by the proximity of the powerful magics inherent in the Towers.

In the very center of the world sits a bustling city, home to a famous tavern - the Red Dragon Inn in Orussus.

Enworld has a sun and a moon, said to be birds accompanying the Enworphant on its eternal travel, subsisting on the brightmoths - the stars in Enworld's sky. If somebody falls of the edge of Enworld, he ends up in an outer plane. Enworphant itself is androgynous and immortal.

(The surface area of the Enworld disk is approximately 2 and a half times that of Earth's, minus the portion missing near the Tower of Wind. In addition, a substantially larger portion of Enworld is land: water only covers 30% of the disc's area, as opposed to Earth's 70%, making the land surface area of Enworld 5 to 6 times that of Earth's. The Enworld disk is at least 250 miles thick and is probably even thicker, leaving plenty of room for a vast Underenworld.)

The Central Lands

The Central Lands are those parts of Enworld that are not or just lightly affected by the Elemental Towers. They are large and varied, with many regions. Among others, the following regions are well known:

Islands of the Great Sea

The Great Sea is the massive body of water west of Orussus. It extends all the way to the edge of the world, past the Tower of Water. The Great Sea holds several islands and island chains:

  • Hawaiki, an archipelago.
  • Vevau, unshaped, probably an island.
  • Varras'zul, an island, full of savage creatures, on which the ruins of a civilization lie.

The Elemental Towers

In every corner of the world hexagon sits one of the Elemental Towers, often cited to be the source of the arcane powers. Towards the north sits the Tower of Positive Energy. The north-east holds the Tower of Earth. The south-east is home to the Tower of Fire. The south-wards path brings one to the Tower of Negative Energy. The south-west Tower is that of Air. And finally, the north-west Tower holds the power of Water.

There is no knowledge of just how deep into the earth they go. Perhaps they pierce the bottom of the world disk. At the top of each tower is a shard of an ancient gem brought to this planet from the outermost edges of conceivable existence. These forces fuel many of the elements as they are seen on the world sphere. Each gem has successfully warded itself against ages of experiments, greed, and control. Each one of these artifacts has managed to protect itself, or be protected, by hundreds of different people in kind over the millennia.

It is believed that many have tried to destroy the towers as well. Such efforts, obviously, have been useless, but marks and scars around the grounds surrounding the towers leave ponderances of what would cause such a massive movement against something that provides such a fundamental power to the world. Perhaps they knew something that has long since been forgotten, but it is also possible that they were attempting to destroy the world.

At times, during earlier civilizations now burnt to the ground, cities sprang up around the towers. These cities used the force of the gems proximity to fuel their own desires. These cities were eventually left with no name, and little memory of their existence. Stories have come and gone, leaving many to believe that the towers themselves, while necessary and helpful, are curses to those that use it. It has become tradition, however, among many guilds and cabals of mages that one who has reached the pinnacle of their craft must seek out the towers, in a form of pilgrimage. Whatever happens on these trips is often unknown, many are killed, stripped of their power, or otherwise left inept by their own actions. Sometimes they just quit, which has more often than not resulted in a much healthier future.

Another story tells that the shards are in fact the remnants of six golems crafted by one fantastic god, or godlike arcanist, that were shattered by all other gods in a sundering event that broke the world, and destroyed the old gods. Very few support this belief, however, except perhaps the occational fanatic or cult.

Yet another sect of devout have claims that the towers were at one time part of an ancient and powerful vessel, that traveled between the many stars on a journey of knowledge. The people, at some point, decided to settle down, and so they formed a planet and chose a star to rest it around. They used their ship, the towers arcane, as the structure to support their fanatical development. Many who believe this also believe that the creators of their world are in fact somewhere inside the towers, dormant.

The Tower Regions

The Lands of Positive Energy

A region where life is its own worst foe, full of small creatures, whether animal or plant. Many a settlement has been overrun by nature itself, and many a new species has been sighted, only to be extincted by the overwhelming competition.

  • The City of Sanctus - one of the few places that advertises its ability to resurrect the dead.

The Lands of Negative Energy

Surrounded by the graveyards of the dead sits a lone grey Tower. It is rumored that all evil bodies and souls migrate to this place after death. A dark place made of bone, surrounded by the unfertile soil of death.

The Lands of Air

This region is the most isolated of all the towers. Where the Earth, Fire, and Water Towers are protected by natural phenomenon, the Air Tower is seperated by a lack of such. The land around the tower of wind has fallen off Enworphant's back, ages before anyone can recall. Now the tower, jutting down towards Enworphant, is surrounded by nothing but the unpredictable winds that it controls.

The Lands of Air are located in the southwest corner of the Enworld disk, closest to the Tower of Air. They are mostly badlands and desert mountains. Among others, the following regions are well known:

  • Sairundan - a desert land far to the southwest of the city of Orussus.
  • Severus - a canyon city about 900 miles south by south-west of Orussus.

The Lands of Fire

This elemental region in the south-east is covered with volcanic activity and dangerous natural phenomenon. It never rains within a hundred miles of its Tower, so it is surrounded by desert beyond the mountains. Few travel there, and fewer live there, yet some locations are still spoken of:

The Lands of Water

This region is part of the largest ocean of Enworld. Here sits a Tower surrounded by mountains of ice and then by water for miles. Near the Tower itself, it is nearly impossible to land a boat. Isolated and cold, even during the summer, the water tower is an isolated place.

  • The Country of Rafaleterre - a collection of cities and villages on a stretch of land constituting a peninsula near the border of the Lands of Water and Lands of Air.
  • Undaria - a floating island near the Water Tower.

The Lands of Earth

This is the most temperate of the Elemental Lands, having been one of the most fertile growing lands in history. Metal veins run deep around its Tower, and wealth is common. The Tower itself is surrounded by mountains of stone and metal, once bastions to passing civilizations. The land is flat beyond the mountains, and forests populate this area.

The Planes

Unshaped Lands

  • Somewhere in Enworld, there is a place named the Forest of Ar.
  • There is a place in Enworld called the Roaring Waters Monastery. It�s near some mountains.
  • In the mountains on the road between Orussus and Earling lies Rontera's Rift, also known as Big-Little Pass.
  • Ushad - 850 miles south-southwest of Orussus.
  • There is a place in Enworld called Kahol. When Kaholians sing, they sing of wine.
  • There is a place in Enworld called Bluerun Township.
  • There's a Dwarven kingdom (or set of kingdoms, perhaps) called Thrusch somewhere in the world.
  • A desert plains called the Valdun, which is inhabited solely by nomadic tribes (the Valduni).
  • Anharath, a frozen wasteland, is somewhere in Enworld
  • Ithyria is a nation. Damas is a region in Ithyria.
  • Chimera Springs is a town in a lawless region, similar to the wild west.
  • There is a place in Enworld called West Chumbershire. Chumbershire is famous for monasteries, one of which is the Pushiri Monastery.
  • There is a place in Enworld called Lhondaio, probably the capital of the Empire of Carduth.
  • There are floating islands in LEW, and at least some if not all are around the Elemental Tower of Air.
  • There is a place in EnWorld called Bryth Manor.
  • Otun, a village in the Bainland Hills that has a temple to an unknown forgotten god.
  • Raven's Bridge, a town far to the east of Orussus
  • Donadune, a city in the nation of Grimteine.
  • Fel Aldinn, a grand dwarven city made of stone.
  • Lanrick, a small town of the civilized Mountain Goblins.
  • The Talgir Woods lie somewhere in the north, home to wood elves.

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