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Living ENWorld:Ithyria

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The city of Ithyria <Mixed Spirits>, founded by a faction of elves in ancient times, can be found in the small out-of-the-way region of Damas.

The city, populated by many species, elves, humans, gnomes, halflings, dwarves and more lays nestled deep within the valleys of the surrounding mountains of Damas. The craggy peaks seem to bar entrance to those without the courage to face the long trek through mountains often filled with many wild creatures.

Though the snow-capped peaks of mercyless rock give way often quite suddenly into forest, rich in game...and danger.

These wild forests grow tall and wide, stretching from one side of the surrounding mountains to the other. Through them runs many streams forming rivers flowing through the rich forests into the flatter lands, turning to planes, some of which has been transformed into farm-land.

The biggest of these rivers 'Na'yuneth' <Mother water> flows through the largest city Ithyria, wherin dwell the many and varying citizens. The city lies open, not contained by walls, the spires rise high towards the sun and the sewers run deep into the ground, often connecting in some way to a few of the dwarven mines far to either side of the city.

The houses well-built and the city fairly wealthy though cut-off from the outside, the people always hunger for news past their guardian mountains. The sea lies north of the city, the mountains unrelenting even as they disappear into the water to which Na'yuneth's feet vanish into the greatest of lakes.

As the mountains make even shipping to this small place perilous few traders travel the seas, though there are always those brave enough to try...

The older wiser folk see the mountains as their protection and Guardians, but the young and restless at heart see them as their cage...

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