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Living ENWorld:Medibaria

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Kingdom of Medibaria

Medibaria is an entirely landlocked kingdom that relies on trade and reputation for subsistence. In times past, it was the land of the Medibarian dynasty, and though its kings are no longer of that family - and, indeed, in the modern world serve mostly as figureheads - they are still referred to reverently by its people as "The Great Kings." Tradition is the lifeblood of the people, and in even the humblest farmer a strong patriotism and pride in one's country can be found. Where at one point Medibaria stretched across a fair portion of the continent, today it has shrunken to little more than its capital Old Medibaria, a single major city, and perhaps two dozen scattered towns. Though they maintain an army, Medibaria has few enemies (or at least few who consider it worth their time). The Kingdom of Medibaria depends on surplus from its vast agricultural system to import most of what it needs, especially metal, for there are few mines left in Medibaria that haven't been exhausted. The current ruler is Great King Ducard XII, though in truth it is his council of advisers that rule the land as ably, if not as ambitiously, as the lords of times past.

Ancient Medibarian is a dead language, once spoken and written in Medibaria.

Historical Tidbits

  • The name Elayna is common among the Highborne, as it was the name of the only Mage Queen of Medibaria, back a long time ago when the Empire was at its strongest. A powerful wizard, Elayna Lyrue briefly interrupted the ruling dynasty of her late husband's family and led Medibaria to great victories and expansion until her mysterious death--many say she was poisoned by foreigners who were frightened of her power and tactical genius and jealous of her beauty and arcane power. After she died, her nephew...
  • The Mage Queen's daughter was Princess Elayna Lyrue the Second, Shield of the Azure Dawn, Defender of the Throne, and Grand Duchess of Azrania. She escaped royal life against her mother's wishes and lived out her youth out among the world. She discovered and infiltrated a diabolical Nesfylim plot, but the dark elves captured her with the intention of using her and her magical items in a ritual to summon a dark master. The princess was rescued by an elf of unknown name, a Freefolk, and together they rode faster than the sun and beat the dusk to the Freefolk camp where the last item of the summoning ritual was located. Together, they stopped the efforts of the nesfylim. After the battle, the princess disappeared forever, and is presumed to have been killed in the fighting. The elf of unknown name, through legends about his race against the sun, became known as 'Duskrider' in Freefolk legend.
  • Someone calling themself "the Lord of Shadows" claimed to be a descendant of the Mage Queen and led a small uprising of a few noble houses against the established rulers. The rebellion lasted 6 months before it was quelled.
  • Some claim that Medibarian surnames that begin with "Val" (such as Valsice or Valdaryne) are hardly related to the suffixed part of the name at all, they just want some of the fame attached to it.
  • Genealogy of the Mage Queen's line: Elayna Lyrue the Second is listed, though afterwards they list a ?. Going down, no surprise that the founders of the school are listed--it looks like Sice was technically descended from a remote branch of the Lyrue line, according to all the connections. At the bottom, it seems to have every Highborne there is. For instance, Sice Housemistress Kharisa Valpyren and her son Solon are listed. Kitty Valdaryne is there too, descended from a lesser branch of relatives related to the legendary Headmistress who founded the fourth branch of the Academy. There aren't any current students that are all that closely related to Sice himself, though. The bottom of that line of the tree goes to an Alhaym Valsice and her two children Zarindas and Elayna. Both of them have a ? listed underneath them.
  • Sice himself was called a Dark Lord. He performed to some pretty horrific magical experiments, all conducted in the name of the Empire, safety, and peace of mind. Well, most of them. Some of the later ones were based on life extension, one is something called the 'Philosopher's Stone'.
  • The Philosopher's Stone: This is a powerful item that can make wishes come true and contains the ability to perform vast magic, end diseases, transmute iron to gold, and perhaps even grant eternal youth. However, those who sought to create the stone gave up when they realised that the key component of the stone was the life and soul of sentient beings.

-Created by WizWrm, expanded by Rystil Arden

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