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Living ENWorld:Negative Region

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The bleak deserts of the wastelands and the burning mountains of the south meet in between the dark and lifeless lands surrounding the negative energy tower of the South Pole. Between the sandstone and the igneous rocks, the undead rise without ever being called. Occasionally, the nomads of the deserts and the windswept plains venture into these lands to search for lost treasures and to hide after raiding settlements and farms. More than one tribe has been completely wiped out by the darkness enveloping that land, sometimes forgotten for ages.

True worshippers of Seto believe that his origins are founded in a similar loss. Seto is believed to have been the last of the most vicious and unforgiving desert tribes, called The Raven's Children. They were hunted to extinction by the thieves´┐Ż guild out of Ignussus, known as the Curved Blade of Arcton, for damaging the infrastructure upon which the guild was dependant. Slowly being killed off, the peoples of the Raven's Children were forced further and further towards the bleak desolation of the south pole. They fought a gorilla war that they could never truly win, and slowly their people were forced into slavery or murdered by the Curved Blade of Arcton.

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