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Living ENWorld:Orussus Region

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The Orussus Region

Cities and Towns

  • Orussus: Orussus is the central city of the Living ENWorld campaign, and is the (or at least near) center of the world disc.
  • Allimon:
  • Grenton: Small, rural town, once occupied by kobolds. A wizard lives nearby.
  • Beth Hannon: Major Northern City in the Vastermarch
  • Braeholl: Small town in the far north of Vastermarch
  • Fallon: Fallon, the fantastical City of Falls.
  • Flenceburg: The College of Nobius was founded here, a magic school known for its unique versions of arcane manipulation.
  • Gotian: Medium size commercial city, now in decadence thanks to rampant corruption and a coup.
  • Travilis is a port city south of Gotian.
  • Raithe and Linilo are port cities yet further south.
  • Havertown: Major Southern City in the Vastermarch
  • Lathirn: Lathirn, the Taka-worshipping river city overrun by thieves.
  • Monemvassia: A large city-state on the East Coast run by the Jara family.
  • Three Rings: A small town just South of Monemvassia. Currently ruled by Prince Phillip from his offshore island, with Abraham as innkeeper/ acting mayor.
  • Ravensdale: A trade city practically owned by the merchant guilds.
  • Rivenblight: The ruined elven city, once called Beryl.
  • The Vastermarch Cities: A collection of loosely knit city-states.
  • McNort: A fortified temple of Sela turned small town.
  • Rincewood: A small town about 100 miles east of Orussus.
  • Triesk: A town just in between Fallon and Old Medibaria, 64 miles from both.
  • Rheim: A corrupt city which condones slavery and lies just off the southern edge of the map, between the Grellgo and Rheius Rivers
Orussus and the surrounding areas.

Monasteries, Temples, and Holy Places of Note


Geographic Features

Bodies of Water

  • Elbereth Sound
  • Grellgo River
  • Kithsul Lake
  • Roars River


Hills and Mountains

Supernatural and Mystical Places

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