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Living ENWorld:Pantheon

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The purpose of this page is to catalogue the Pantheon of the Living Enworld. Only approved deities are posted below. To suggest a deity or submit one for approval, please make a new thread with the (Proposal) tag on the messageboard. Please keep all commentary on the deities to their respective talk pages.

Greater Deities:
Espranachtis, NE Goddess of Corruption.
Galatea, NG Goddess of the Waters.
Gundar, LN God of the Earth.
Halina, NG Goddess of Fertility, Agriculture and Childbirth.
Halor, CN God of the Sky.
Zephos, LN God of the Dead, and Shepherds.
Psergei, NE Goddess of Fire and the Desert.

Intermediate Deities:
Azwan, LG God of War and Nobility.
Delanor, LG god of marines, sailors, seagoing merchants and maritime trade.
Gliran, LN god of wizardry and sorcery.
Hyrag, NG god of the sun's healing power and foe of the undead.
Urdiga, NE goddess of undeath and misdirection.
Verdante, NG god of natural cycles, plants, and animals.

Lesser Deities:
Amphousa, CE Goddess of Lust, Uncontrollable Urge for Power and Desire.
Antonidas, LG god of academics, invention and magic.
Chennet', NG god of weapons, armor, the forge and craftsmen.
Disnomia, LE Goddess of Manipulation, Gradual Measured Assumption of Power and Desire.
Geoth, NG god of cooking, hospitability and celebration.
Grendath, CG god of luck, heroism in battle, freedom, and exploration.
Jareth, LE god of gaming.
Kazikazi, CE goblinoid god of vengeance and tunneling.
Lilitu, NE drow goddess of manipulation, trickery and deceit.
Mishtuli, CE drow god of killing for sport and assassins.
Sela, LN god of unity, lasting accomplishments, and stone buildings.
Shural, LN goblinoid god of architecture and reason.
Taka, NE goddess of thievery and dishonesty with one's self.
Taurusk, CE god of war and bloodshed.

Ahrianna, CE goddess of delirium and aberrations.
Ayratha, LN goddess of fire and transformation.
Naberezhnyi, LE god of tyranny and slavery.
Mongrel, CN god of the lost and dispossessed.
Phyrah, true neutral god of travel, exploration, music, storytelling and quests.
Russna, N goddess of knowledge and language.
Seto, NE god of assassins, death and darkness.
Shurassa, CN goddess of storms and wrath.
Ulura, N goddess of lovers and secrets.

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