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Living ENWorld:Pantheon:Naberezhnyi

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Naberezhnyi, God of controlling others and gaining power through tyranny and force

The Slaver, God Killer

Enworldian Demigod
Symbol: manacles
Home Plane: Enworld
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Tyranny, Slavery, Martial Conflict
Worshippers: Slavers, and those seeking power through force.
Cleric Alignments: LE, NE, LN
Domains: Evil, War, Nobility
Favored Weapon: Greatsword

This god is thoroughly evil and seeks to control all without exception. Naberezhnyi is at odds with all other gods except Urdiga, whom Naberezhnyi seeks help from on occasion. Urdiga has at times used Naberezhnyi to do her bidding by trickery and convincing Naberezhnyi it is what he wants. Urdiga once assisted Naberezhnyi to defeat a lesser god (long forgotten) and to become a god himself. Naberezhnyi once ruled a small kingdom, and used his power to destroy all the followers of one of Urdiga's rivals before confronting and killing the god. Urdiga underestimated Naberezhnyi's desire to control all and now keeps him in check through trickery and charm. Naberezhnyi's most persistent adversary is Azwan, God of War and Nobility. The followers of the two are always at war. For most of his life as a mortal Naberezhnyi was a warrior known to do good and often thought to be a paladin. As the years accumulated Naberezhnyi became obsessed with eternal life and sought the help of his god, but was denied. Naberezhnyi then sought Urdiga, and with her help he and with much magic he defeated his former god and captured him. Naberezhnyi later performed a ceremony to steal the gods power and become a god himself. The ceremony involved beheading the god with a powerful greatsword imbued with the magic of the gods by Urdiga.

Naberezhnyi is the god of Tyranny, and Slavery. His followers are many. Naberezhnyi's followers may be either LE, LN or NE. Worshippers are either those controlling the many or the slaves forced into worship. Many slaves come to embrace Naberezhnyi and seek to gain control over their oppressors through uprisings or single battles. Advancement is always by force through defeating someone in the position desired or by defeating a powerful follower of an opposing god. Naberezhnyi and his followers seek rulership and order through power and force. Naberezhnyi has enlisted the aid of Arrhim

Those that worship Naberezhnyi often seek to cheat death, or to gain power through force. They seek to force others to follow Naberezhnyi or recruit with offers of great power.

If Naberezhnyi is depicted, or appears to mortals, he is always a large humanoid with a human face wearing full plate mail and carrying his greatsword (god killer).

Naberezhnyi accepts donations of slaves, as well as the bodies of those conquered to be forced into slavery through undeath. However, he also accepts lands and property gained through force.

Naberezhnyi controls a small area of barren land that is secluded and far from Orussus. He is Known to enslave his enemies and for his ruthless rule over the land.

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