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Living ENWorld:Pantheon:Taka

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The Falcon

Enworldian Lesser Deity
Symbol: A green falcon's head on dark gray
Home Plane/Domain: Gray Waste of Hades/The Truth of Lies
Alignment: Neutral Evil.
Portfolio: Thievery, dishonesty with self.
Worshippers: Rogues, assassins, self-justifiers.
Cleric Alignments: LE, NE, CE.
Domains: Evil, Trickery, Luck
Favored Weapon: "Falcon Claw" (spiked chain).
Special Possessions:<


Physically, Taka appears as a robed human woman, dressed in the garb an assassin would wear while on a job. She is also usually accompanied by a peregrine falcon, which sits upon her left shoulder.



In regions where they exist, clergy in the temples will often work closely with mercurial initiates, allowing them to use the temple as a base of operations; this relationship is mutual, as the clergy gains knowledge and information from the initiates, while the initiates gain access to a place where they will be protected.

RITES AND RITUALS Takan rites are often incredibly subtle, filled with innuendo and double-meaning. Their purposes are often very obscure; though they may seem good-intentioned at first, their uses are often more sinister.

LEGENDS The legend of how Taka became the goddess of untruth is a relatively well-known one. It is said that, at first, Taka wished to create a race of beings to call her own; however, she lacked the creative energy to do so, and thus mimicked the efforts of the other deities. The other gods disapproved of such mockery, however, who viewed her efforts as an intrusion upon their domains. They punished Taka, and transformed her children into a naturally hideous race, capable of only changing their shape to mimic others: thus were the first doppelgangers born. Angered by this, Taka took the change in her offspring to heart, becoming like them in goal and form, and began her teaching of cognizance of truth and falsehood, reality and illusion; she also began disguising her followers and her clergy, giving them ways to lead the followers of other deities astray, in retribution for what they did to her efforts. Since then, Taka has been at odds with almost all other deities, working with them only so long as it served her needs.

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