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Living ENWorld:Planar Locations

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The Outer Planes

These are the planes where the gods supposedly live, and where the souls go for their afterlife.

Default Traits:

  • Infinite (most layers are infinite as well)
  • Divinely Morphic
  • Normal Time, Normal Gravity

Multiplanar Features

The River Oceanus

This river flows through the Heavens, the Blessed Gardens and the Glades of Freedom. Side arms may also reach individual layers on other planes. A channel, thought to be the cooperative work of Delanor and Sela, connects the domains of the deities, and also flows through the City of Trades.

The Stygian Waters

The river of the lower planes, it is sometimes considered the dark mirror of Oceanus, but sages usually dismiss it as seeing mirrors that don't exist. It is unclear where the river starts or where it ends. It seems to flow both from the Hells to the Abyss, and from the Abyss to the Hells, leading some to believe that it feeds itself, as a perpetuum mobile. However, frequent bogs, seas and other bodies of water, filled with Styx Water can be found throughout the lower planes, suggesting there is more to the river.


  • Waters of End: The waters of the Styx cause various ill effects, most commonly forgetfulness. Drinking a glass of such Styx Water deals 1d3 points of temporary Intelligence damage. Immersion in this sort of Styx Water deals 1d6 points of temporary Intelligence damage per minute. Distilled Styx Water of this sort could make people forget their actual abilities.

The Lawful Good Plane

Commonly called "The Heavens" or "The Oceanus Spring", from the large river that starts here and flows through the planes of good.

Default Traits:

  • Mildly good and lawful aligned
  • Impeded magic (chaos and evil)


The Observatorium

The layer Antonidas calls home. The layer is large, but finite, sporting a huge tower and a dome. Supposedly, one can use the facilities of the layer to view all of creation.


  • Divination Spell Power - Casters get a +2 bonus on the effective caster level of divination spells they cast on this layer (for the purpose of level-depending variables only).

Delanor's Harbor

This is the layer where Delanor's ship anchors on the rare occasion he leaves it in the heavens.

The Lawful Neutral Plane

Commonly called "The Arch-Kingdom" or "The Pillars of Order", due to the huge mountains commonly found on this plane.

Default Traits:

  • Strongly lawful aligned
  • Impeded magic (chaos)


The City of Trades

A finite layer that houses a huge city. The City of Trades is the origin of a planar race called the mercanes. The houses tend to be large, not only due to the fact that the mercanes themselves are large, but also because they house servants of diverse races.

Library of Blades

This layer is said to be the home of Gliran. It takes its name from a huge building in which one can find weapons with runes scribed onto them, so they can act as spellbooks. Several inevitables guard the library, making thievery a dangerous and usually deadly undertaking.

Shural-kazi's Monastery

Despite the fact that the deity originally inhabiting this plane is no longer Shural-kazi, but Shural, the traditional name is still in use. Little is know about the layer, except that, after the binding of Taurusk, the monastery has shrunk slowly. Nowadays, this shrinking seems to have stopped.

The Lawful Evil Plane

Commonly called "The Hells" or "The Pits", due to a tendency of the plane to have layers with extreme depths.

Default Traits:

  • Mildly evil and lawful aligned
  • Impeded magic (chaos and good)


Jareth's Labyrinth

This layer evokes the feeling of a board game, made up of many more board games. The home plane of Jareth, one should be careful not to be challenged to a game.

Ba'atzri, City of Devils

The city of devils is a nightmarish sight, but oddly easy and clear to navigate. Energy bursts at what could be considered parks serve not only the devils' amusement, but also are harvested for several odd materials.

The Neutral Good Plane

Commonly called "The Fields of Good" or "The Blessed Gardens", from the large amount of cultivated land found on this plane.

Default Traits:

  • Strongly good aligned
  • Impeded magic (evil)


Halina's Garden

Halina's Garden is home to some of the largest trees, bushes and other plants in the universe. The layer is nearly overflowing with life and every sensation is strengthened.


  • Minor Positive-Dominant
  • Enhanced Magic: Spells on the druid spell list (even when cast by non-druids) are empowered. Spells that allow plants to grow in some way are maximized instead.

Sun-Blessed Fields

The layer over which Hyrag holds sway, it is always bathed in sunlight.


  • Purifying Light: On these blessed fields, Fortitude saving throws made against disease, poison and similar effects receive a +5 sacred bonus. Undead cannot enter this layer under normal circumstances, and are shunted off to a random location in the outer planes.
  • Eternal Sun: No spell, spell-like ability or supernatural ability can reduce the light level in this layer below shadowy illumination.

The Hunting Grounds of the Cycle

This layer is said to be home to Verdante, and is in constant, but slow flux. In keeping with Verdante's view on the cycle of life, many different environments can be found, including a few villages and a city.

The True Neutral Plane

Commonly called "The Common Grounds" or "The Pillar of Creation", due to the enormous mountain that serves as the connection between the outer planes and the energy plane - even though it is a misnomer, as many sages will be quick to note.

Default Traits:

  • Mildly neutral aligned


Lover's Rest

A small, finite layer attributed to the goddess Ulura. Legend says that Ulura sometimes hides persecuted couples away here.

Land of Speech

The Land of Speech one of the layers considered Russna's home (the other being the Observatorium, where she helps Antonidas). Some say that she shares the layer with her sister Phyrah, giving her a welcome home when she wants to rest from her travels.


  • Gift of Speech: All creatures that have a language can communicate with each other regardless of language barriers.

The Neutral Evil Plane

Commonly called "The Wastes" or "The Depths of Evil", since many layers can only be reached by travelling downwards.

Default Traits:

  • Strongly evil aligned
  • Impeded magic (good)


The Web of Lies

This layer bleeds into the Howling Madness, as it is the plane attributed to the drow pantheon. Lilitu and Mishtuli are said to reside here.

Eternal Night

This dark layer is reputedly the home of the assassin god Seto. It is whispered that ravens with scythes for wings plow through the darkness.


  • Unpierced Darkness: No effect can raise the light level in this layer above shadowy illumination.

Falcon's Flight

Few can say they have been on this layer - fewer still can say they wanted to be there, and were there. The layer seems to be always just a few steps away of those who want to reach it, constantly receding so that one never reaches it. One should be careful when giving up all hope, though, as this is often the only step required to enter Taka's realm.

The Chaotic Good Plane

Commonly called "The Glades of Freedom", since forests and glades are among the most dominant terrain feature of the plane, or "The Heroic Domains" since common belief says all heroes reside here as reward for their good deeds.

Default Traits:

  • Mildly good and chaotic aligned
  • Impeded magic (evil, law)


The Dancehall

Though Grendath's home is considered to be the Material Plane, the Dancehall is said to be his favorite spot on the planes.

The Winding Roads

Supposedly the paths followed by Mongrel when he is outside the Material Plane, the Winding Roads lead through manifold terrain. It is said that any road's end leads to a portal to the Material Plane, and that the Wanderlust Inn follows the Winding Roads on its travels.

The Chaotic Neutral Plane

Commonly called "The Unsteady" or "The Churning Chaos", due to the fact that almost anything on this plane can change on a moment's notice.

Default Traits:

  • Strongly chaotic aligned
  • Impeded magic (law)
  • Highly Morphic
  • Many random traits.


Winds of Change

Half a layer, and half a phenomenon of the plane, the Winds of Change rarely stay in one place for long. Reputedly, Halor and Shurassa make their home in this region that ranges from a gentle breeze to a maelstrom making all other storms look like gentle breezes.

The Chaotic Evil Plane

Commonly called "The Abyss" or "The Howling Madness", for the winds commonly storming through this plane.

Default Traits:

  • Mildly evil and chaotic aligned
  • Impeded magic (good, law)


The Web of Lies

This layer bleeds into the Depth of Evil, as it is the plane attributed to the drow pantheon. Lilitu and Mishtuli are said to reside here.

Bloodstained Battlegrounds

Despite the absence of its alleged master, the Battlegrounds still exhibit all the traits attributed to Taurusk. Many demons have sought to gain control of the layer, but it seems the layer relishes the conflict they bring, tying itself stronger to Taurusk this way.


  • Thirsting for Blood: Any wound caused by a melee weapon continues to bleed, causing 1 point of damage per round. A Heal check (DC 20) or a Healing spell of third level or higher stops the bleeding.

Warrens of Hatred

Home to Kazikazi, these tunnels appear broken, unfinished and yet seem to possess a cunning instinct, rearranging themselves, in vengeance against anyone who would dare intrude into the home of the goblin deity.

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