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Living ENWorld:Three Rings

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Three Rings

A small town just south of Monemvassia. Fairly poor. Mostly fishermen and farmers. But rumored to house the area�s most feared assassin�s guild, the Black Hand. Three Rings is named after the three magic rings taken from the dragon hoard, and gifted to its ruler by Nolan Jara, in return for his assistance in the battle.

  • Prince Philip: Wizard King of Three Rings. (Wiz 8/Exp 4) Served by...
    • Croft, the animal keeper
    • Lara, his maid
    • Various guards
    • Lothar, the groundsman - now missing and identified as a member of the Black Hand Assassin guild.
  • Arness: Former Mayor � appointed by Philip and reporting to him. Later executed after being unearthed as leader of the black Hand assassins.

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