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Living ENWorld:Undaria

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Across the great ocean and near to the Elemental Tower of Water, Undaria is a small floating island that moves with the tides. Most of the population of Undaria is human, though Maenads are also prevalent. Ruled by the wonderous Celestial Emperor, Undaria is a peaceful land far from trouble. The people there live simple lives fishing and living off of the bounty of the sea. Gigantic fish called tenkalu are hunted each season by the villages on the coast and provide a bounteous feast when they are caught.

Rising above the island is the now long dormant volcano Skyspire. On the western face of Skyspire a group of monks meditate almost constantly, seeking enlightenment and transcendence. The Inner Path that the monks study requires extreme dilegence and inner reflection concentrating on finding, maintaining and releasing their inner spirit or 'Nm'.

Those who transcend their mortal shells are invited by the Eluari, a powerful group of Elan, to be reborn as an Elan. Through a long and arduous ritual candidates must demonstrate not on their mastery of 'Nm' but also their willingness to abandon their bodies as wellas their mindsl. Those who successfully complete the ritual are reborn as Elan.

Assuming new names and setting out in the world to explore and experience everything from a fresh perspective, the new Elan of Undaria seek to hone their 'Nm' and earn their way onto the council of the Eluari.

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