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Living ENWorld:Vastermarch

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The Vastermarch Cities

This area is a collection of loosely knit city-states.

  • Races: Human (30%), Half elf (25%) High elf (20%), Wood elf (10%), Gray elf(5%), Gnome (3%), Halfling (2%), other (5%)
  • Major Cities: Beth Hannon (Northern on map), Havertown(south)
  • Geography: a region of plains and rich fertile grasslands, as well as light woods. To the North, the land becomes hilly and is mostly used for grazing. It leads into the northern mountains, where dangers prevent permanent settlement.
  • Known NPCs: House Armgill is a powerful trading house. They own a fleet of small trading ships that run between Orussus and the Vestermarch cities, as well as a few warehouses along the docks.

Braeholl: The town in the central North part of the Vastermarch sits in rich farmland at the foot of the Northern Mountains. A town of about 1500 souls, mostly humans and half-elves, is surrounded by a largely intact system of wooden palasades, trenches, stone walls, and earthen embackments.

The Boar's Head is a tavern serving food and offering rooms to let.

The temple of Hyrag is the largest in town. It is run by an aged human, nearly 90, named Four Thule. Beneath the temple is an underground area for storage, and with numerous alcoves for prayer and contemplation


The war lasted about 50 years, and the orcs controlled the northern part of the Vastermarch for most of that time. Eventually infighting among orc groups weakened them to the point that the elves drove them back into the Northern mountains with great losses. It is said the elves had the help of magic constructs, good dragons and various other good- aligned non-humanoids in this effort. Though orcs periodically raid the northern settlements, there has been no major war since.

Though victorious, the elves were weakened by this conflict. From here forward, they welcomed men to this land. Human farmers, merchants and artisans flocked to this now-peaceful land and its rich plains. It is now a peaceful and prosperous area with the highest population of half-elves on the continent. Most of the half-elves have half-elf parents.

Known NPCs

  • Trimble: This hermit (Wizard 5 or greater) lives alone in a small cottage in the southern portion of the forest. He is known to be friends with the wizard Rilithorn in Orussus.
  • Fasroth: Male human druid w/wolf companion. Lives in the Faery woods, themselves.
  • Captain Haj Carter:Haj Carter commands the militia in Braeholl. He is tall, middle aged, with grey eyes and bronzed skin. He carries a long sword, short sword and dagger and wears light armor

  • Reinert: This grumpy dwarf (male dwarf Ftr2/Rog2; Chr 6)is a merchant trader, largely employed by the wizard Trimble of the Silverwoods. He buys the wizard equipment and brings it out to his isolated tower. He appears in S1: The Strange Case of Aif Jenkins Farm.
  • Torvin Arkenthrasher: Human Paladin. Tall, and hansome, with black hair and blue eyes. Was first a noble warrior who became a Paladin for Hyrag. Very well respected by all who met him, before his disapearence. He appears in S1, S2 & S3.

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