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Living ENworld:Labyrinth

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The Labyrinth

This demiplane is a mirror of the city of Inzehdu'un, where Taurusk is trapped. It is built on the peak of a terraced mountain, with mighty arches and artistic construction, not to mention the stunning view of the Greater Sajebak Mountains. It is also somewhat of a maze to those who are unfamiliar with the city. All this is lost, however, on Taurusk, who looks about him and sees only his captivity - there is no way to leave (other than through the Well of Tears; his scrying pool, which will only open itself with the tears of a united Shural-Kazi). Descending down from the mountain-top along one of the myraid pathways will only result in being lost in the fog which permeates the lower region, and upon emerging from the fog, the wanderer finds himself along a path leading back into the vast city. There are a few key differences in construction as compared to the true city of Inzehdu'un. First, here it is always twilight. Second, there is nothing alive here other than Taurusk, not even moss. Third, the Labyrinth is Inzehdu'un at the height of civilization; the real Inzehdu'un lies in ruins, rumored to be guarded by terrible creatures and the ghosts of fallen goblins. Fourth, it is uncannily difficult to move things around - the Labyrinth resists change.

Traits of the Labyrinth

  • Normal Gravity
  • Timeless: Creatures do not age, hunger, thirst, heal naturally, or need to sleep while in the Labyrinth. These resume functioning when the traveller leaves the Labyrinth.
  • Self-Contained: Travelers cannot leave the Labyrinth through physical means. The paths descending down the mountain lead into fog, and upon emerging from the fog, travelers find themselves heading in the opposite direction.
  • Static: The Labyrinth is eternally unchanging. It is difficult to affect things on the demiplane, requiring a Strength check (DC 16) to move unattended objects. The buildings of the city itself cannot be affected in any way, and nothing will grow in this plane - seeds do not take root, cells do not regenerate themselves, etc. Travelers trapped on this plane without some means of magically restoring themselves will eventually crumble into dust if they spend too long (usually more than a few weeks) in the plane.
  • Impeded Magic: All magic is impeded. It takes a Spellcraft check (DC 15 + level of the spell) to cast any spell.

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