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Lodge Metool

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This article or section reflects a concept or character as it is in EC, which is not necessarily consistent with the original source material. Please see the relevant links at the end of the article for the canon.

Lodge Metools are Metools that live in unknown areas of the Lodge. They serve multiple functions.


The Lodge Metools have a similar structure to Metools found in the Rockman universe, except for the following features:

  • They have retractable arms with articulated, three-clawed hands.
  • They possess a degree of sentience.
  • Their helmets are a polished brass finish, as opposed to the dull yellow of normal Metools.


The Lodge is repeatedly blasted, smashed, crunched, burned to the ground, knocked over, swamped, flooded, picked up by tornadoes, and blasted by aliens, to name a small fraction of the destruction it faces each hour of the day. When damage occurs, even a broken lightbulb, the Metools will appear and repair whatever it is instantly, capable of rebuilding the Lodge from total demolition in a matter of five minutes or less.


The Metools will occasionally take up arms for the Lodge, literally swarming their opponent. They also have the standard Metool mouth cannons and can carry shockwave-emitting pickaxes.

  • Metools (c) Capcom

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