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Logan's Roadhouse Coupons

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About Logan's Roadhouse

For a great restaurant that specializes in the "typical American meal," there is no better choice than Logan's Roadhouse. The restaurant chain, founded in 1991, focuses on traditional American fare like burgers, steaks, chicken dishes, and a selection of appetizers that spans the gamut from salads and mozzarella sticks to quesadillas and restaurant samplers.

This meat and potatoes restaurant with an ode the American diet is famous for its complimentary buckets of peanuts at each table. And it's even more famous for its policy regarding how to dispose of peanut shells: just toss them on the floor and move on! This is considered part of the "character" of each Logan's Roadhouse location and gives it a unique feel that's somewhere between an old fashioned restaurant and a saloon straight out of the American west.

Each Logan's Roadhouse location focuses on creating its interior to revolve around the community served by each restaurant. To this end, many locations feature old pictures of the community's sports teams , whether those teams are high school teams, college teams, or professional sports teams. Memorabilia items like pennants, varsity jackets, posters, and photographs from important community events and landmarks are sprinkled throughout each location to emphasize that this restaurant is more than just a business, it's a part of the community fabric.

For this reason, Logan's Roadhouse is a popular stop for most people and a destination in most communities. This has prompted increased interested in coupons for the restaurant as consumers are looking to save money while enjoying the down-home, community feel of their local restaurant.

Nut-E Club

The peanuts on the floor at Logan's Roadhouse are more than just a quirky element meant to distinguish the brand from its competitors. They're also the inspiration for the restaurant chain's customer loyalty club, so named because they have "nutty" deals and most of them are e-Deals that are delivered through email.

Logan's Roadhouse

Customers can visit LogansRoadhouse.com and find the "NUT-E" heading at the top of the page. They'll be asked to enter their zip code so that the registration form can locate their nearest Logan's Roadhouse location; this is important, as each location reserves the right to participate, or not participate, in the deals offered by the company's NUT-E customer loyalty program.

After selecting their location, prospective members will enter their contact information, name, phone number, email and postal addresses, and submit the form. After that, it's as easy as confirming the email address entered online and awaiting the first round of coupons. Logan's Roadhouse frequently sounds out deals , sometimes as often as once per week , so that wait won't be very long at all. In fact, it's likely that a good group of deals will be sent to new users just for signing up.

Coupons sent through email are just like traditional coupons in that they expire after a short time, so be sure to check out the expiration dates in each email's offering of deals in order to get the best use out of them. Because the club is exclusively electronic (thus NUT-E), traditional paper coupons won't be mailed as part of membership. That means you'll need a printer to enjoy these offers, a small price to pay for a steep discount on the night's meal!

Newspaper Coupons

Logan's Roadhouse coupons are traditionally available in many Sunday newspapers, though their appearance is less frequent in the newspaper than it is in the inboxes of those who sign up for the restaurant's NUT-E customer loyalty club. Coupons included in most newspaper can simply be cut out, stored away, and taken to any Logan's Roadhouse location when the mood for a good steak or a great burger strikes.

Online Coupons

Online coupon sites are also in the mix, and usually have one or two printable coupons available for use at Logan's Roadhouse. The company does not offer online ordering capabilities or curbside service, so there are no electronic coupon codes offered. Everything must be printed and taken to a local restaurant.

In addition, it's good to verify that coupons are still valid (or have ever been valid) before attempting to use them at your local restaurant location. That's because the company has recently been hit with a rash of fraudulent coupons created by clever graphic designers looking to scam their way to a discount on their bill at the end of their meal.

Discounted Gift Cards

Logan's Roadhouse has a thriving gift card business, and that's good for online gift card exchange websites looking to buy and sell gift cards at a discount. These websites offer great savings on Logan's Roadhouse gift cards and typically have several denominations to choose from. Their prices range from 10 percent to 50 percent off the retail value, which translates immediately to your bill.


The only thing more all-American than great steaks and burgers is a great value on those essential items of the American diet. The best way to save big amounts of money when dining out at Logan's Roadhouse is through the company's customer loyalty program, called the NUT-E Club. The company takes good care of the customers that are loyal enough to sign up for email alerts, and makes sure to send out regular coupons that can be printed out and redeemed.

On top of that, the offers come more regularly and there's no guesswork as to the validity of the deals you're using when they come directly from the company's own website.

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