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Longwood University Sucks/Advising & Classes

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Horror Stories about Advising & Classes

This page is for horror stories about advising and classes only. If you have a story, feel free to share by clicking here. To return to the list of all horror stories, click here.

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My department head threatened to prevent my graduation - just because I complained

A couple of weeks before my graduation, the head of my department called me into his office. He told me that nothing he said was to leave the office. The conversation that took place that day was essentially him implying that I would not be allowed to graduate. He did this while not actually accusing me of anything, or stating any clear facts. Mostly, he called me into his office to threaten and bully me.

Basically, my last semester there, Longwood made me attend this weekly class for no credit or payment, just to be allowed to work on campus. I complained to the teacher, my boss, her boss, and the registrar�s office, and they all told me there was nothing they could do. Fine. I was mad, but hell, I just figured Longwood had managed to mess with me one last time.

When the ANONYMOUS bubble sheet went around at the end of the year to get our opinion of the class (we did not get a write-in sheet), I penciled in a complaint on the back. Something to extent of �This was a job requirement for no credit, it was not fair to force me to take this class�. I honestly never expected anyone to even see it. But, I was wrong. Apparently, the dean of my school saw it, and he yelled at the head of my department about it (who, since he had nothing to do with my job knew nothing about it). The head of my department was caught with his pants down, and and decided to take it out on me.

The conversation with the department head was insane. He told me that I had gone through the �wrong channels� and accused me of making the department lose money because I was writing bad things about it. He told me that �life is not fair� in response to what I had written on the sheet, and told me to get used to it. I was told that �If this was a company, you would have been fired by now.� He also told me that I had put a teacher�s job in danger because I was not clear enough in my accusations. Through all of this he had not actually said out loud what I had done wrong, only pulled out the scantron sheet and waved it at me.

When I told him that I took full responsibility and wanted to talk to the dean, he forbade me from bringing it up with him. Going against his �orders� I went to the dean to try to complain about the department head�s behavior. Not that it really mattered, since when I tried to talk to the dean I made it as high as the assistant dean before realizing that no one was going to listen to me. I was actually told, �You work in the writing center, I would have expected you to put this all in writing.� The hell? I did nothing wrong, yet most of the administration I talked to refused to help me.

My favorite parts of all this? I was not the only one in the class to complain about having to take it for no credit. Three other seniors wrote comments on those scantrons, which should be ANONYMOUS. How the hell did they know it was us? Well, obviously, we were the only seniors in the class, but really. Couldn�t they keep up at least a semblance of anonymity for these things? Way to go Longwood, you have once again proven to be run by lying bastards who care more about their image than the education they are supposed to be giving us. --Frances Robles, innocent

My advisors told me to take the wrong classes

I recently graduated as an Engish major, and that wasn't really what I wanted. I chose Longwood because of the Library Science program, with every intention of pursuing the degree in grad school. My advisors assured me this was fine. For almost three years, three different advisors assured me that my plans would come to fruition. Two weeks before I finish my junior year, I go and speak with the head of the Library science program to see if I can start on the classes in my senior year. "You have a teaching certificate, right?"

Yeah, except instead of a 'teaching certificate,' it's more of an 'English degree.' For THREE YEARS, I should have been in the education program, and my advisors didn't tell me. At this point, it would have been so many more credits and so much more time and so very much more money to start over in the education program that I decided, out of bitterness, that it just wasn't worth it. I graduated as an English major, and I have absolutely no plans of ever going back to Longwood. -- anon

Student teaching

These people have had a year to put approx 100 students into student teaching placements. It's now the first week of August and I have yet to hear anything. I have heard stories of students who have had to place themselves, or others who don't hear where they are placed until the day before. How the hell are we suppose to prepare and find a place to live? You can't get an apartment on such short notice.

And what about students who want to teach overseas??? I signed up for that and still haven't heard anything. They said there would be signs posted, but none were. If i find out less than 2 weeks before I have to go overseas I'm gonna tell them where to put it. How can they expect a college student to afford a plane ticket and living overseas when we aren't supposed to have a job while student teaching?

I want to get all the student's who are planning on student teaching together and have a sit in until we get our placements. It shouldn't be this difficult. When I had my responsibilities for my practicums I did it in a matter of days. Now that the responsibility is on the school all we can do is wait. Why can't they get off their butts and do the job they were hired for!!!! -- anon

Longwood University won't accommodate my Learning Disabilities

If you are a student with learning disabilities, don't come to Longwood. They are worthless and not accommodating whatsoever. I'm a 5th-year senior with learning disabilities that greatly hinder my comprehension of math and foreign languages. I have tried math 3 times now and spanish twice and have been unable to pass them. I was just told the end of last semester that I could petition for a waiver of these courses, BUT it has to be done before your degree application is submitted, WTF. Basically Longwood is screwing me over, and I don't know if I will ever get my degree!! --Anon

Longwood prevented me from graduating

I was attending Graduate School in the spring of 98 when a family tragedy struck. My daughter was attacked by my neighbor's dog. I then had to miss several class sessions from my classes in order to care for my daughter, attend her numerous doctors appointments, and meet with lawyers over the impending law suit for negligence.

My psychology professor refused to extend my assignment deadlines while I cared for my daughter. Instead, I received an F in the course. This dropped my GPA to a 2.9, and prevented me from taking my comprehensive exam. This was all I has left to graduate!

I wrote the Dean of Graduate Studies as well as Academic Affairs and requested a retroactive withdrawal from the course in light of the circumstances. I was not granted this request and told there was no precedent for this. I am now paying for student loans for a degree I never received because of this one class!!!

As an elementary school teacher my income is limited and I really could have used that degree for the extra pay. But I am now paying for what I did not receive. This so called university is still just a college in my mind and they do not see their students as individuals with individual needs. I really would like to work on my masters now but would never return to Longwood as I feel I have given them all the money they deserve. I may be nearly 40 years old, but I can still tell when something SUCKS!!! -Anon

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