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Longwood University Sucks/Complaints

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Complaints about Longwood University

This page is only for specific complaints about Longwood. If you have a complaint, feel free to share it. Add it by clicking here. If you have a specific horror story that you want to tell us, add it here.

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Longwood & Alcohol (add complaint)

  • On drinking alcohol: I am the parent of a LU student that I believe has been harrassed by the Longwood and local Farmville police. He has been stopped numerous times and accused of underage drinking. Four times he has been accused by the local Prince Edward county jurisdiction. Twice he had not even been drinking and when he repeatedly requested a breathalyzer, he was refused. He just received a jail sentence of 12 months in jail with 8 month reduced, a $721 fine, and his license revoked. All of this for walking from one dorm to another and accused by the LU police of possession of alcohol under the age of 21 - and this happened one month before his 21st birthday. Only in Prince Edward County do they put you in jail for underage drinking. I am appalled that this continues to happen everyday to kids attending LU."The toughest policy in Virginia is that of Longwood ... all violations of underage drinking are relayed to parents." - Cavalier Daily Newspaper
    • This complaint is confirmed by the Longwood Student Handbook: "The Office of Honor and Judicial Programs will ... inform parents of students under the age of 21 years old about behavior associated with alcohol and drug abuse" [1]
    • A student asks: "Why should longwood be allowed to notify your parents on your drinking if parents are not allowed to have any contact with your professors without your expressed written permission?"
  • When I went Longwood the police were horrible. I've had a sober friend walking down the road get stopped by a cop just because he "seemed drunk." Was it any coincidence that my friend is black?
  • The Alcohol Policy at Longwood and the laws in Farmville need to be changed.
    • Cops stop kids walking home when they "look drunk" - I've known several cases where this has encouraged kids to drive instead of walk when intoxicated!!
    • Also I have known cops to pull over designated drivers with a car full of people and either cite or arrest everyone who is intoxicated in the car... hello! they have a dd! would you rather them drive themselves to avoid being pulled over because their car is full?!
    • There was actually a discussion in one of my classes and we all came to the conclusion that you are less likely to be stopped by the police if you drive rather than walk.
    • Well, I actually sent a complaint to Longwood, because I have been stopped several times at night by night cops, sometimes just sitting around. Since I'm not contributing money to Longwood, my opinion made no impact, but I made a complaint about the police harassment. The person in charge of the police force responded: "You were concerned that there was no reason for the officer to suspect you being drunk, in fact alcohol abuse is a significant problem facing the nations universities and finding someone sitting or standing around at two or three in the morning, is one of the indicators of someone that may be intoxicated. And the only way that the officer would know is to approach and ask." In otherwords, if you're out late at night, even if you're SITTING -- you will be harassed.
  • I agree. I graduated in '04, and there was a long standing joke that it "Was always safer to drive drunk than walk drunk". Longwood PD and Farmville PD would target anyone and everyone walking after a certain hour at night.
  • Also, watch out when walking anywhere near a bar. It doesn't matter who you are or what you have been doing if you walk near a bar there is a good chance the police will harass you. I had to borrow a book from a friend of mine who was living in the landings. On the way back to my apartment I walked by mulligans where I was met by an officer who shined a light directly in my eyes and asked to see my ID. I gave it to him, got it back, took a breathalizer and then told him was an idiot after the breathalizer registered .00. This is unbelievable.

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Longwood Housing (add complaint)

First year Tabb dorms at Longwood University. Notice how deserted it looks? Many students leave every weekend to go home or to other college towns.
  • Not only are there plenty of horror stories about housing, but Longwood reserves the right to make you STAY in their university dorms until your Senior year. [2]
  • This school is not very good about responding to work orders.
  • Longwood also does a horrible job dealing with roommate problems.
  • I live in an off-campus apartment complex under Longwood's control. I live with an RA and IT SUCKS!!!! Not only do I have no freedom to do as I please, but I have to follow the same on-campus rules in an apartment that you would have to follow as if you were living in a dorm.
  • Triple housing is 100% unbearable. My daughter lives in a triple dorm, and has about three square inches of room to herself! They are set up originally so that one bed is a bunk, but if the girls are not keen on sleeping just under the ceiling (who would be?) then they have to find a way to make three beds fit where really only two were ever designed to. Her chest of drawers is in the closet, and the bathroom is way too tiny for three girls. Its really ridiculous that so much is paid for housing, and the dorms shown at orientation are so much nicer, and on 'move in' day, I had to do everything I could to convince her to stay. Its sad, this is a huge transition for kids, and some cope less well - but to have to live in such cramped conditions with complete strangers and no space at all, is very hard. Her deposit must have been one of the first to arrive, which is evidently what the dorm choices were based on, and she certainly would NEVER have chosen to live like this and has thought about transferring just for that reason.
  • I am a parent of a LU student who is female and lives in a triple. We opted to rent her a loft at extra expense because the other two girls refused to bunk their beds and my daughter was forced to put her dresser in a closet also. These girls are cheerleaders and choose to party my daughter doesn't drink and likes to stay in. Needless to say it is 2 against 1 in this room and when the RA got involved my daughter was theatened physically. Needless to say, she will be transfering and I will never recommend Longwood Universiy to any seniors I know of.

The Social Scene (add complaint)

  • The student quality of life at Longwood receives a dismal 69, on a scale of 60-99, which is the lowest rating we've found in Virginia (Princeton Review).
  • Longwood is located in Farmville, VA - a tiny town where the best entertainment is going to the Wal*Mart.
    • An estimated 35% of students leave town for the weekends, but this seems low (US News).
  • Longwood is more greek oriented than any website about colleges would make you believe.. When you go to longwood, you really won't belong unless you're part of a sorority or frat. However, involving yourself in a longwood university sorority or frat is a positive experience. It greatly allows you to get involved on campus in many other clubs and organizations. Greek life at longwood is a positive community and an experience that you will never forget. It makes you stay involved, keep your grades up, and makes you well rounded.
  • The greeks are EVERYWHERE. The girls travel in flocks and make it impossible to walk in the D-Hall without bumping into them. The frat boys are racist and homophobic, not to mention LOUD and OBNOXIOUS. I'm so sick of the Greek alphabet. Try being social without having to define yourself under some banner you ignorant sheep!

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Transportation (add complaint)

Longwood student waiting for the FAB - the only public transit @ LU. It doesn't run on a schedule - just comes around every half-hour or so
  • CARS! As Freshman you can't have them. And this REALLY sucks, since there is hardly anything to do in Farmville. Well, actually, there is a bus and it DOES take you to Wal*Mart. Yay!
  • Be careful when riding the FAB ( Farmville Area Bus). If you don't get motion sickness you will after riding the FAB, since they wont let you have your own car as a freshman.
    • The FAB used to come to Longwood Village every half-hour or so (not to be confused with Lancer Village). Without notice, they stopped coming here. The first day of school I waited a half-an-hour for the bus to come, but it never did. Goes to show how much they care about their riders. Oh and thank you Longwood University for notifying your students.
  • If you're lucky enough to have a car, the parking is HORRIBLE.
    • When it comes down to it, they just don't have enough spots for all the Longwood University students.
    • They charge outrageous fees for parking, even though Farmville is in the middle of nowhere.
    • Longwood University is building up and around, yet they can't seem to get the idea that they need parking garages not a new sports center.
    • For more see the horror stories about parking at Longwood University.
  • I needed to go to the local Wal*Mart one evening, since everything else in this town closes at 5:30pm and even earlier on Sundays, if they open at all. The FAB schedule claims that they stop running at 7:30 on weekdays. It was probably late November/early December and 2 of my friends and I stood at the FAB stop across from the French Residence Hall from 6:30pm to nearly 7:15pm. Mind you, it was in the lower 30's/upper 20's and extremely windy. The FAB never came. Also, the phone number on the FAB bus stop signs is useless. I know several people who have called that number and I have yet to hear of anyone actually answering it.
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Others (add complaint)

  • Need a job? There are very few jobs in Farmville - many freshman work at the dining hall. But they teat you horribly and definitely don't pay a living wage. You start out at around $5.15 / hr, and get a 10 cent increase after working there for a year.
  • Longwood dorms have a 12:00 midnight curfew. This means you can't have ANYONE of the opposite sex (except the RA's or the RTA's) over after midnight. For some, this wasn't strictly enforced - but at Tabb, it definitely was.
    • Moved comment here.
  • Longwood is really stupid. They dont need a new sports facility they need a new Dinning HALL!! its sooo crowded during lunch and dinner times unless you go for dinner at 4:30!
  • According to an anon user, when they award scholarships, they don't always pay them out
  • DHall hours are ridiculous!! I arrived at 6:30pm to find that the workers were already packing and cleaning the food up! Do normal people eat dinner at 4pm? I don't think so.. DHall's hours need to be changed immediately!!!
  • On the foreign language department: Many professors are horrible, especially the French professors. If you go to Longwood University, don't ever take French, you wont learn anything.
  • The school markets itself too much for a University. It desperately wants to increase enrollment. They have launched numerous radio ad campaigns, website advertisements, and promotes it's small achievements too much.
    • Other students disagree, see Props
  • My friend was being tailgated by a police officer for over a mile on the main street through Farmville. Plenty of room to get around him. My friend was obeying the speed limit. But sped up to keep some distance between the cars. The cop pulled him over for it and gave him a speeding ticket.
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