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Longwood University Sucks/Finance & Tuition

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Horror Stories about Finance & Tuition

A sensitive issue - since almost every student is tight for cash. Made worse because of Longwood, which students describe as running a "for profit business."

This page is for horror stories about student housing only. If you have a story, feel free to share by clicking here. To return to the list of all horror stories, click here.

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I was locked out of my dorm, and couldn't eat, because of a $500 bill

If I went into all the troubles I've had at Longwood, I'd be typing for days.

The worst is when I was charged 500 dollars for a class I took over the summer and they did not let me know of the change in my bill until my Longwood keycard stopped working and I could not get into my dorm. I went down to the I.D. center, but the lady who works there had closed it for the day (It was only about 1 PM). I then went upstairs to cashiering and was directed to about 5 different people until I got to the person I needed to talk to.

That day, my mom's purse had also got stolen so she had no credit cards or way to pay the 500. My card would not work until I paid this money, so this meant that I could not get into my dorm and I could not eat at the dining hall. When I asked the woman for mercy she said there was nothing she could do for me and that I could not eat or get into my dorm room. Luckily, my mom's friend gave me her credit card number and lent my parents the money until my mom could work everything out. If this hadn't have happened, I would've been locked out of my room and unable to eat on campus until the 500 was paid. --Jgc1986

Longwood University looking for a profit at the expense of its students?

I got very Ill a few years back, and had to withdraw a couple of weeks into the semester. Turns out I had Mono and a Pnemonia at the same time. Long story short, I complete my withdrawl and am sent to financial aid. They promptly give me a bill for $2,000 dollars. Turns out Financial Aid prorates up until the day you stop going to school. But Longwood bills you for 50% of the total bill if you attend up to 25% of classes, 75% if you attend 50% of classes, and the entire damned thing if you attend past 50%. --anon

Longwood University looking for a profit, continued

The above experience happened to me as well. I agree it's a bad policy. When I talked with financial aid they said they had begged Longwood time and again to prorate tuition the same way financial aid is prorated to avoid the high costs of withdrawing. I appealed the cost and they ended up dropping it but really it should never have happened. -- 13:15, 5 August 2006 (EDT)

Longwood cashering loses my money

"Screw longwood cashering! This is the second time cashering has screwed me over. The first time I went to the station to pick up my parking decal and they had it all ready in an envelope w/ my name and license information, but the person couldn't give it to me b/c cashering hadn't added it to my account yet, so I waited in line (on a saturday) for nothing. Then today when I went to the dhall to eat lunch the lady who swipped my card said I didn't have a meal plan. We PAID for it already and the people at armark said I could start using my plan right away....but no it wasn't on my card. I really can't stand longwood." - Alice

I won a scholarship and was never paid

I won a scholarship with Longwood and it was never given to me. They said they did not have the money and eventually gave me $40 so I would stop calling. --anon

Outrageous fees

I just recently got my tuition bill with a nice $1600 per semester comp fee. What does that fee cover? Phone, security, and student recreation construction!!! I'm am an off campus commuter so why do I need to pay for a phone and security?! Also I am a senior and will be graduating this year so why the hell should I have to pay for the student rec building being built?!? -- anonymous

NOTE: To clarify, Longwood's policy is to charge a $1,680 "comp fee" for residential students with an average course load, and $375 for commuter students. [1]. See the talk page for more information.

I couldn't hardly afford Longwood BECAUSE of the school administration

When I went to Longwood, I expected to pay for it by running an online business that I had started a year before. Well when they found out about the business they told me I'd have to shut it down, because I wasn't allowed to take business calls or maintain my website while on campus.

They added insult to injury by telling me I might have to stay in Longwood dorms for three years. That meant I would rack up tuition bills of over $40,000.

Then, when I asked how I could pay for school, they told me my best alternative was to work at Longwood for minimum wage. Paying no more than minimum wage is standard Longwood policy for all students.

How can I pay $13,500 / year when I'm only making $5.15 / hour? That means I'd have to work 50 hours a week for a year! And that doesn't even include my living expenses or taxes... --Sam Odio 05:27, 6 August 2006 (EDT)

Longwood steals money from its students

I have many issues with Longwood University, which have lead me to graduate early so I do not have to spend all 4 miserable years here. One of my biggest issues with Longwood is how it steals money from its students:

  1. The bookstore is a complete rip-off and is not student friendly whatsoever. My first semester here I spent $600 on 4 books. From then on out I have ordered mine off of Amazon and the most I've paid for up to 6 books was $300. That�s right; Longwood is making at least a $300 profit off of your books alone each semester. They also rip you off when you sell back your books.... I get triple what they offer when I sell my books on Amazon. I also get great satisfaction in knowing that I'm not contributing to a University that does not care about its students.
  2. The parking passes... They have not only reduced the amount of parking available to its students but they have sold 5 people to every 1 parking spot. On top of that you are paying $125/semester for a spot that you aren't even guaranteed. On top of that, the parking we do have is cramped, pothole-ridden, and muddy. And to add more insult to injury, that $125 does not even include the slightest bit of assurance that your car will be safe. How about the poor kid that had his car stolen from a school parking lot earlier this semester? Or me who in one semester has had my car broken into and a foot long, 3 inch deep gash smashed into the side of my car while it was parked in one of the lots? When I raised these issues with the parking and police department they told me there was nothing they could or would do to fix my car or the problem with security. It makes me terrified to walk away from my car, not only for my own safety but for the safety of my car. I�m not even guaranteed that if I park my car in a spot that I paid $125 for, that it�s still going to be there when I come back the next day. Kind of scary huh?
  3. The housing situation� I am paying $800 more/semester in order to have a single Longwood-run apartment in the Landings, which would make sense since I get my own living space and kitchen. However, what they didn�t tell me before I moved in was that I wasn�t even getting my own bedroom. Instead, it�s a studio apartment and so my bed is in my living room (basically it�s a dorm with a tiny kitchen�). The problem is not really the lack of a bedroom but more that they never told me what I was getting when I paid. They not only ripped me off but when I complained to the head of every housing-type department, they just kept passing the buck. I sent out about 5 letters before I finally gave up. I never did figure out who was in charge of this genius plan of theirs. The most sensible solution to this would have been just to move out. I figured out the costs� If I had moved into Sunchase, I would have been saving almost $400/month. Not only would I have had my own bedroom and kitchen but I�d have access to a pool and a gym. In talking to other students who have singles in the landings, they also were misled by all of Longwood�s advertising and informational emails into believing they were getting more than what they received.

Sincerely Frustrated,


Why pay for bad service?

Registering for summer classes this summer was a complete nightmare! Turns out you couldn't sign up for them online through myLongwood but instead you had to Fax in a change schedule form. The form was a PDF file and wouldn't allow you to save any changes made to the document, which meant I couldn't fax it using a free online service. So I had to print out the form and go to Kinkos to send it to Longwood's Registration office, Kinkos charged me 4 dollars and some change to send 2 pages.

I checked myLongwood later that day to make sure the summer class had been added, it wasn't. So I called Longwood and the woman on the phone told me they didn't get my fax and assured me it wasn't lost on their end. I called kinkos and they said as long as there was a confirmation page then the fax went through. I was told i had to resend it. By this time it was 3:30pm and I had to go to work, so i get my boyfriends mom to print out and fill out another form and fax it for me, however I only told her to put one class that I was interested in. I continued to call the registration office till 5:10pm they couldn't be inconvenienced to answer the phone. I called the office so much (bc they never called me back) i was concerned about running out of cell mins. Fast forward 3 days in to the summer session class and they had finally registered me into it.(as well as another class that I had only submitted on my first fax that was "lost"

Yes this experiance sucked but shit happens i know.

This is what's upsetting: their fees were outrageous! See this URL: http://www.longwood.edu/studentaccounts/tuitionfees.htm. Fees are $45 per credit hour. Give me a break! Technology fees during the school year are only $1.90 per credit hour!

Sincerely, -Frustrated student

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