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Longwood University Sucks/Other Horror Stories

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Other Horror Stories

This page is only for horror stories that don't belong in any other category. If you have a story, feel free to share by clicking here. To return to the list of all horror stories, click here.

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Farmville & Longwood University Police put my son in jail - just for doing what kids do

I am the parent of a LU student that I believe has been harassed by the Longwood and local Farmville police. He has been stopped four times by Prince Edward County police and accused of underage drinking. Twice he had not even been drinking and when he repeatedly requested a breathalyzer, he was refused.

He just received a jail sentence of 12 months with 8 months reduced, a $721 fine, and lost his license for 6 months. All of this for walking from one dorm to another and being accused by the police of possession of alcohol under the age of 21. What's more, this happened one month before his 21st birthday.

Only in Prince Edward County do they put you in jail for underage drinking. I am appalled that this continues to happen everyday to kids attending LU. --anon

Farmville is nice, but Longwood University Police "harass me"

"To be fair, the town of Farmville and it's lack of night life isn't really Longwood's responsibility. However, the extent to which Longwood (not Farmville's, but Longwood's) police go to to make sure you do *nothing* after the sun goes down was occassionally staggering. I'm a Longwood alumn, and, in the four years that I was there, I would frequently go for walks around campus at night. (I'm one of the freaks that actually liked the small-town aspect of Longwood) There are plenty of places to just sit, relax, and watch the stars around campus, and I did this whenever I could spare the time. Longwood's police, however, felt it necessary to harrass me and blind me with their flashlights every time they found me.

Okay, I can understand that they feel compelled to make life miserable for the booze-ahols, but, this isn't a joke- I am a freaking teetotaler. And considering that I was doing nothing more destructive than sitting on a bench and watching the stars, Longwood's police most *certainly* didn't have to be so consistantly rude about checking the level of my sobriety. The first time, it was amusing, the ninety-eigth time, it was god damn annoying. And, from what I've heard many a student say, God help me if they'd *actually* found me drunk." - anon


"i would not wish this school on my worst enemy." - Longwood Student

Longwood's midnight "curfew" was worse than highschool

There is a curfew every weekday at 12:00 Midnight. The RAs would patrol the dorms every hour, if they found anyone of opposite sex in your room after the curfew, the would write you up for a judicial board violation. Unbelievable!

Some students have said that the curfew wasn't strictly enforced, but in my Dorm (Tabb) it DEFINITELY was. --Sam Odio 06:25, 2 August 2006 (EDT), Virginia

EDIT: Everyone I know in Tabb called it a curfew. To clarify, it meant you couldn't have ANYONE over of the opposite sex over until midnight M-T (and 2AM Fri & Sat). This didn't mean you couldn't be out after midnight. I've added details below (Source: student handbook) --Sam Odio
Visitation Policy:
Visitation by members of the opposite sex in the residence hall student rooms is permitted during the following hours:
  • Upper division students:
    • Monday-Thursday, 10 a.m. until midnight; Friday, 10 a.m. until midnight Sunday.
  • First Year Students:
    • Sunday-Thursday, 10 a.m. until midnight; Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. until 2 a.m.
Source: Longwood Student Handbook).
Note: there's more discussion about curfew on the talk page.

I don't think this curfew is in affect now, and if it is I have never been notified. Instead we have a sound curfew that we get judicial write-ups for instantly. If the sound can be heard two doors away you will not get a warning. -current student

The Honor & Judicial Board lack validity and aren't impartial

Longwood has two bodies handling violations of their student handbook, the Honor Board and the Judicial Board. Both of these are filled by elected students who hear "cases", if you call the Mickey mouse court that. The board is directed by some of the school administrators such as Tim Pearson & Richard Chassey. Both of these men control the final verdict of the group and act as a moderator and mentor to them, which scares the crap out of me.

These courts hear both sides of the arguments and then make a biased opinion on them. Most cases heard involve a student being taken up on charges by one of the many power tripping RAs or even worse, their supervisor, the REC for a building. The REC is usually a man or women who's greatest achievement is to baby-sit 200+ college students for the rest of their life and badger them over pointless rules and hand out over inflated damage fees. (Another topic I will eventually get to).

If you want justice in an issue occurring at Longwood, settle it outside of their "fabricated" judicial bodies. Going though Longwood's boards and dealing with this bunch of morons will just make you frustrated with their incompetence. --anonymous student

Agreed - they're BS

I agree that the Honor Board and J-Board are both BS, myself being a victim of their verdicts numerous times, but feel the need to defend Dr. Pierson here. After catching strikes for just about everything imaginable, Dr. Pierson reduced my year long dissmissal to just a semester suspension. I may have the record for the most strikes ever, but because of Dr. Pierson I was able to graduate. So although the first student knows some, probably not much about the j-board and honor system, he obviously does not know much about Dr. Pierson, not even how to spell his name. --anon

Disagree - they're impartial, thoughtful, and err on the side of leniency

I have a great deal of experience on the other side of this issue and for what it's worth I can emphatically claim that the Honor and Judicial Boards are valid and impartial. A few things to keep in mind: 1) the boards are made up of members of the student body, and are laregly selected through student-body at-large elections (some vacated seats are backfilled by board-only nomination, but even these seats are determined by students), and 2) board members are expected--and instructed--to excuse themselves from cases in which their impartiality is compromised. To be blunt, many board members welcome "getting out of" a case, particularly ones that would make them penalize their friends; sitting in a room listening to the timeline of an underage drinking case doesn't get the studying done.

I'll also point out that RAs, no matter how "power-tripping", don't need more paperwork. They don't have time to make crap up, and don't get "paid" more to do so. In fact, it's in their interests to let things slide (because if they do they don't have to spend the time to deal with it)! So if you got written-up...well, you'll have a chance to argue the charges. That's what the Honor and Judicial Boards are for!

In the past the administration has tried to influence lines-of-questioning and sentencing guidelines through pre-hearing meetings with the Board Chairman. Chairman worth their salt will not pass these messages on to the board. Keep in mind the chair does not vote except in the case of a tie.

It's a good system.

We work like crazy during Spring Weekend for no pay or recognition

Longwood University uses Spring Weekend to draw in new students, yet few people are aware that the administration has nothing to do with this event. The money comes from tuition (the $90-something that we get charged for student activities), and the planning and organization is done by unpaid volunteers who put hours into these events, only to be told by the administration that it needs to be bigger next year, but with no additional money. Before Spring Weekend it is the students within campus radio that set up the stage and help with the setup and breakdown (if it is being moved indoors). Stick around after Spring Weekend. You�ll see the members of Lancer Productions cleaning up after everyone is long gone. Longwood uses this spring concert to draw in more people, as if the university and not underappreciated, dedicated students had done all of the work. Wow Longwood, way to abuse of the student masses while taking their money and laughing at their pain. --Anony-angry.

The United State's Constitution

I was told point blank by the Director of Residential and Commuter life that "...the Constitution doesn't really apply to college campuses." (since Longwood is a college campus, we fall neatly into that category in his view and therefore recieve no protections under The Constitution- namely those righs proscribed in the Bill of Rights; in particular those rights found in the Fourth Ammendment refering to search and siezure and self incrimination. Funny how the university will take plenty of federal money but doesn't want to uphold federal law.

This leaves nothing to say of the farce that is the Longwood Judicial Board, which I was elected to by 59% of the popular vote but was unable to participate in due to illness in the fall semester in whcih I was to begin ( I was going to try and change the system from the inside, I presume I would have been forcibly removed or scilenced by the advisor/administration.)

I Fear No Reprisal,

Stuart McGuire Burton IV

Longwood policy: write students up, even if claims aren't legitimate

During my freshman year I lived on the sixth floor of Curry. My roommate and one of the students that lived in the room directly beneath us did not get along. One afternoon my roomate and I were sitting in our room doing some homework. We had the radio on, but it was relatively quiet in our room. As we were sitting there our RA walked in and told us that the student who lived beneath us had just complained about all the noise we were making. We laughed because we thought it was a joke. But the same student complained several more times over the course of the next hour or so. But we were just sitting there, not making any noise at all. But because we had been complained about more than once, WE WERE WRITTEN UP!! FOR DOING ABSOLUTLY NOTHING WRONG! And the damnedest thing about it was that our RA KNEW WE WEREN'T DOING ANYTHING WRONG. Rules are rules.

I was parked legally, when I came back, I had a ticket!

Once when I was a sophomore living on campus I parked in a parking spot in the Wynne lots DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF a sign that said "Sophomore Resident Parking". When I returned a couple weeks later I found the sign had been dug up and removed, and I had a $50 ticket!!! When I tried to argue the ticket they only reduced it to $25. How the hell is anyone supposed to know that parking spaces will be switched around without any notice?!?!

Longwood University charge outrageous fees for parking

They charge outrageous fees for parking, even though Farmville is in the middle of nowhere.

$250 for a resident parking pass when most of the residents can't drive cuz they are all freshman and $200 for a "Lancer Village" pass (was Stanley Park) and you still have to ride the FAB back to campus. Parking passes have doubled in price twice now, I think this is the first year they are the same price...but still absolutely ridiculous.

The same thing happened to me last Fall. Stubbs parking lot was for residential students I parked there for about 1.5-2 weeks when I came back to my car I had $150 dollars worth of tickets on my car! Longwood had changed the lot to commuter and only notified the commuters the RAs of Stubbs sent out emails to their residents. Apparently there was a notice on the myLongwood (which was new that semester). I looked up the parking regulations handbook online and found an entry that said Longwood would notify by e-mail when there were changes in parking lots. I copied it in to an a appeal and they reduced the fine to $50, the cost of one ticket. WTF The thing that ticked me off the most was that the same week the lot was switched over i received an e-mail warning me about how a $9 dollar pizza was stolen, but longwood can't send me an e-mail warning about a parking situation that could have cost me hundreds of dollars? annoying -rachel

I paid for parking, but have nowhere to park

At the new Longwood Landings, we were told that there would be x number of bedrooms, x number of parking spaces around the buildings. What they forgot to tell us that less than half of those spots would be available to students. The majority of the spots are available only for the stores, of which three are open. Also, any resident from campus can park here. It is closer for a French resident to park at the Landings than at Wynne. We need Landings Resident stickers!

The cops love to write tickets

The cops do nothing to assist you. They wont hesitate to write you a parking ticket however. I went into the library for 3 minutes to pick up some group mates for a project. I parked in the 2hr Vistor spot (which common sense to me means.. anyone visiting the library) and I got a $50 ticket. The cop then had the nerve to say, "Do you know this guy next to you? He's parked illegally as well." I've never received a ticket for anything in my life. Thanks Longwood.

Longwood's Skateboard Policy Sucks

I was pulled over by a screaming officer not once, but three times over the course of my first semester at Longwood, all for riding a skateboard to class. Though the school does allow the use of skateboards for transportation on campus, as stated in Longwood's Policy 7301, the use of skateboards on Brock Commons pavilion area is strictly prohibited. Upon being told this the first time I avoided the area and tried once again to skateboard to class, only to be pulled over again this time in violation of another aspect of Policy 7301, which prohibits the use of skateboards in the street. After which I received a date to appear Prince Edward County Court House; the date was rescheduled twice before I was able to get the case dropped and pay a fine of 120 dollars, which by no means was a better option. I tried one last time to skateboard to the library and study only to receive another officers screams, and this time with the threat of expulsion. Therefore even though the policy states the use of skateboards is allowed for transportation, which is how I was using mine, the limitations placed on the article actually make it impossible for any skateboarding on campus to take place. I finally gave up on trying to skateboard on campus and would have transferred if it had not been for by some stroke of luck the town constructed a free public skate park not long after my incidents. --ATG.[2008](Current Student)

New Parking Lot!

We finally got a new parking lot! The catch? It's for commuters and visitors only. We still don't have enough parking for residents. --current student

I TOTALLY agree. And what's worse is that there is a parking lot across Main St. that is designated for residential students. So, any time we want to get to our cars we have to cross 4 lanes of traffic! They should have moved the commuters over to that lot since they aren't on campus as much as we are! Why do they get special treatment when we pay just as much for our passes as they do? I've never once thought Longwood was a fair school, because it is in no way fair! --anonymous but current student

Add your own horror stories! Please sign your name or initials. If you have to remain anonymous, at least add -- anon to the end of your story

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