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Longwood University Sucks/Positive Change

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What's this page for?

The Positive Change page was created to help Longwood Students change Longwood University for the better. This page is a crucial part of the site's aim to foster a constructive dialogue about improving Longwood. Together, we can force Longwood University's administration to listen to their students.

How do I create a positive change at Longwood University?

Voice your complaints

It all starts with you speaking out. If you don't say anything about Longwood, then nothing will change. If you have a complaint about Longwood in general, post at the bottom of this list. If you have a horrible experience you want to tell us, that can be posted at the bottom of this page. You can also say something at SGA meetings, speak to your RA or you can even talk directly with the Longwood administration (see below).

You can even write a satirical rap song about the Dining Hall. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zss8P5QBzP8

Join the Student Government Association

Current SGA member describes how YOU can participate

The Student Government Association is very open to other students not only as part of the organization, but as concerned students themselves that don't necessarily want to be IN SGA.

We are very closely involved not only with student organizations, but anything dealing with student affairs, which is also associated with Academics, Elections, and other such things.

Anyone is more than welcome to come to our open Senate meetings (currently Tuesdays at 3.45pm) and listen in as part of the general assembly. If you contact the VP beforehand, she can put you on the agenda if you have a specific concern or question. Senators and other representatives will be more than happy to help out any way we can.

As far as joining SGA, any student can run for a position in the spring for the upcoming new Fall-Spring year. Check out the SGA website on the Longwood site for more details.

SGA resources

Start a student organization

Click here to download the application to start a student organization. You'll need a president, faculty advisor, and a copy of the club's constitution & bylaws. Click here for help writing a constitution.

There are a number of "social action" student organizations that you can start. For example, UVA students started a Living Wage Campaign because its lowest paid employees earned $9.37 / hour. Isn't it time Longwood students did the same? Longwood's policy is to pay ALL students minimum wage! How can someone afford to pay Longwood's tuition when they only make $5.15 / hr?

Try to resolve your problem through Longwood University's "chain of command"

Obviously, you will first want to try to resolve your issues with your RA, REC, or someone in the department you have problems with:

  • Speak with your RA - As the leader of your hall, they are a great source of information regarding policy and procedure (they go through much training to learn not only what the policies are but also why they are there)
  • Speak with your REC - The residential education coordinator is in charge of all RAs and most all housing issues and complaints will come to him. If you've talked to the RA and gotten no where, this is your next course of action.
  • Speak to someone in applicable the department (not necessarily the head) - While it is tempting to go straight to the top, speaking to anyone in the department you are having issues with can be a better course of action. They may be able to solve your problems, all you have to do is ask!

Go straight to the top

However, if you find you are going nowhere - it can't hurt to "write to the top". As recommended by Mary Hunt in How to Complain Effectively, craft a professional letter that concisely states your case, and send it to Longwood's President (or the head of the department you are dealing with).

Longwood University President

  • Patricia P. Cormier, President - Send an email to President Cormier!
    • Email: president@longwood.edu
    • Mail: Patricia P. Cormier, 201 High Street, Farmville, VA 23909
    • Tel: 434-395-2001
    • Fax: 434-395-2821


  • Douglas E. Howell, Associate Director - Send complaints about housing (like erroneous room charges) to him!
    • Email: howellde@longwood.edu
    • Mail: Douglas E. Howell, 201 High Street, Farmville, VA 23909
    • Tel: 434-395-2080
    • Fax: 434-395-2347
  • Larry Robertson, Director
    • Email: robertsonnl@longwood.edu
    • Mail: Larry Robertson, 201 High Street, Farmville, VA 23909
    • Tel: 434-395-2080

Student Affairs

  • Tim J. Pierson, Vice President
    • Email: piersontj@longwood.edu
    • Mail: Dr. Tim J. Pierson, 201 High Street, Farmville, VA 23909
    • Tel: 434-395-2039
  • Kerstin M. Soderlund, Dean of Students
    • Email: soderlundkm@longwood.edu
    • Mail: Dr. Kerstin M. Soderlund, 201 High Street, Farmville, VA 23909
    • Tel: 434-395-2389

Will these administrators listen?

Short answer: probably not. Several contributors to this site have personally written Longwood University administrators (including the President!) - but they have not addressed the student's grievances. In fact, the administration's general lack of attention to student complaints is the whole reason this site was created!

However, it is still important to write them. You will at least make them aware of your concerns - even if they make no attempt to solve them. Read more about this issue on the talk page.

Navigation: Longwood University Sucks | Create a Positive Change | Props | Applying to Longwood?

Longwood Complaints | Longwood Horror Stories | About this website | Longwood University Website

DISCLAIMER SO THAT LONGWOOD UNIVERSITY CAN'T SUE US (although they will probably try): This site was created with the purpose of forcing a positive change at Longwood University, not to defame or insult Longwood University. This site is a community forum, and has many contributors. Although the site's creators feel this information is accurate, it very well may not be. Be warned: there is NO WAY to thoroughly check the factualness of the information. Before making any admission or other major decisions based on this information, double check its accuracy with Longwood University. Let us repeat, THIS INFORMATION IS BASED OFF OF THE MEMORIES THE SITE'S CONTRIBUTORS AND MAY BE INACCURATE. Regardless, don't post anything that isn't true, or could be considered libelous. If a user should find anything inaccurate on this site, please correct it by clicking the "edit" button at the top. This site, and its contributors, are in no way affiliated or supported by Longwood University (besides having been current or past students there).

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