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Longwood University Sucks/Props

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It's Not All Bad...

When a friend and I started this site, it was to voice our dissatisfaction about the ineptness of the Longwood University administration, and their thoughtless enforcement of senseless regulations. But Longwood does deserve props, especially for the talented students and hard-working faculty there. --Sam Odio 04:27, 25 November 2006 (EST)

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Give Longwood Props for...

The Econ professors

I took two Econ classes at Longwood, they were both challenging but very interesting. Those two classes convinced me to major in the subject, which before college, I had really never thought about. --Sam Odio

The History/Antropology professors

Dr. Jordan and Dr. Crowl are great. Jordan is extremely enthusiastic about the material he's teaching, and Dr. Crowl is one of the nicest guys I know. --Sam Odio 20:57, 15 November 2006 (EST)

SOCL, CRIM, and ANTH Professors

all know whats up and in many cases have some of the same complaints as students about this institution - anon

I received my sociology degree from Longwood and found the professors in this department to be nothing but helpful. I had a serious illness/death in the family and they were supportive of my need to be with my family and I managed a 3.5 that semester. Their doors were always open when I needed them and, sometimes to my shagrin, I was challenged on my beliefs and opinions. These professors taught me to think independently, question policy, and to NEVER come to the table with only complaints and no proposed solutions. Thank you for that...Kim Makuch Leppert

English Profs

I have to give props to the British lit portion of the department. They are all awesome and I love them for making my stay at Longwood worth it. I'd have gone insane if it wasn't for them. - An Unnamed Person

Chris McGee- Had him for young adult lit, interesting class and he genuinely cares about his students, even if you're not one of the major suck ups

French Profs

Dr. Wade Edwards was the most AMAZING professor I ever had at Longwood University. I learned French better in his class than I learned Italian, and I studied that in Italy! -Anonymous French Student Heather Edwards also does some good work. i loved both of their classes.

Chemistry Profs

Dr. Lutz is a great professor also. He teaches and gives real-world examples almost all of the time. He actually cares about his students, and he often tells his students to study vigorously or else it will show on the exam. How many of the so called "college" professor actually do that? However, he doesn't spoon-feeds his students. Too bad the Chemistry department doesn't know how to keep wise, experienced professors happy. --Tp 16:22, 21 October 2007 (EDT)

Biology Profs

My favorite Biology professor is Dr. Lehman. I love to go to her class; let's just say it's more enjoyable than the others. She knows her materials. She doesn't give us a giant book to read. However, her note packets are great and that she just points to some major concepts that are in the book for us to read. From the note packets and the way she lectures in class, I can tell that she is enthusiastic about her teaching and her love for students. --Tp 16:23, 21 October 2007 (EDT)

The People

Believe it or not, there ARE cool people at Longwood. Though the school does carry its fair share of douche bags, if you take your time to look around you will find some of the most amazing people. The students at Longwood, for the most part, are very friendly and open, and because the majority of the student body pins itself against the administration, they all have something unite and fight against. So even though the administration and the rules and the police officers are some of the worst around, you will always have a friend by your side to complain to. -- ATG.[2008](Current Student)

Its Average GPA

Im sick and tired of people saying that Longwood is not focused on academics. The average student has a 3.4 thats a B+/A-. JMU average is a 3.7. Thats only 3 points higher. Longwood grows every year & their graduates have high placement in their chosen fields because LU requires students to do an internship in their field, a fact that many larger Universities DO NOT require. Recommended and required is not the same thing!

  • Damn straight. I paid less for my education and have a better job than quite a few people that I know that went to the so called big universities. So they have a bigger bill to pay and make less money. Sucks to be them

Random props

Most Longwood professors are very accessible and eager to help a student out during office hours of by appointment. The class sizes are small and the campus is small enough to maneuver quickly. Renovations and new building is going on often in order to better serve students. If you want a party school, Longwood is not for you because it is in a small town. The only bad thing is all the ditzy sorority girls and drunken frat guys.- aAon.

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