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Longwood University Sucks/Student Housing

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Horror Stories about Student Housing

First-year Tabb dorms... with no air-conditioning of course.

A favorite at Longwood University. It seems that Longwood housing really couldn't care less about where you're living, who you're living with, or how much you're paying for it.

This page is for horror stories about student housing only. If you have a story, feel free to share by clicking here. To return to the list of all horror stories, click here.

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Longwood University kicked me (Wob-bee) out of my apartment

I moved off campus to live at Longwood Village Apartments. Yay. But then, Longwood University bought Longwood Village, but no one told us. Then they fired all the staff that worked there, so there is only one person in the office, maximum, at all times. Clubhouse and pool hours, which are included in our rent, were cut with no compensation.

I had signed a sixteen month lease, since I only had three more semesters to attend. When I was informed about the purchase, I started to e-mail the housing director, Doug Howell. He sent me several cryptic emails which I finally had to forward to my mom asking for advice on how to ask a question that would elicit an actual answer.

But my actual answer came about a month later in the form of a notice pasted to my door telling me I would have to leave in July, six months before my lease was supposed to move out.

Then, I so foolishly e-mailed Doug Howell, asking him how to move on campus, since I wouldn't be at Longwood University long enough to merit a one year lease. After a week, he didn't respond. I went to the housing office, where convieniently he was not, and spoke to his secretary who told me that after I moved off campus, Longwood was "done with me" (exact quote). And I could apply to live at Longwood Village, but everywhere else was full. And I may or may not be denied housing there.

I tried to explain my situation, but the apathy of the secretary was apparent.

Doug Howell is yet to speak to me.

I have asthma and they refused to accommodate me

My first day at Longwood University, I discovered that my name had gotten lost in the network. Basically, I was not only a freshman, but my name also appeared on the list as an RA and a foreign exchange student, of which I was neither. I was placed in a lounge with two other students while they found a place for me to live. Then I was moved to the matchbox-sized South Ruffner, with a roommate that was a heavy smoker. I am severely asthmatic, and just the smell of smoke can give me an attack, and I had made the administration aware of this fact on many occasions.

Because of my asthma, I asked to be placed in a room with air conditioning (since fans stir up dust, another trigger for my attacks), and was told that I was on the list for priority room sign-up. Each year I tried to get a room early, they would tell me that I had to get yet another doctor�s note, and would have to wait another year. In the end, I was never placed on the priority list. --Anon-Angry

Because Longwood wouldn't accommodate my asthma - I had to get surgery!

I applied to Longwood and was accepted early admission. I completed all my housing forms and sent them in early because I have severe allergies. All I requested was that I be in an air conditioned dorm, because allergens in the air and dust make me very sick.

I found out a week before the fall semester began that I was living in French, which was not air conditioned, falling apart, and infested with mold. I was forced into French because Longwood admissions had let in too many freshman.

I immediately tried to contact people so that I could transfer to an air conditioned dorm. I spent the whole semester doing this. I ended up having to have surgery on my throat because I had been so sick with my allergies and my throat was closing. This specific semester also sent me into a severe depression because I was so miserably sick. I had a 1.9 GPA, and was too sick to attend many classes. Most of my time was spent in bed trying to sleep and get well. But of course I also dealt with severe insomnia because I wasn�t breathing normally.

My experience disgusts me and I hope everyone re-considers before accepting admission to this dump of a school.

Room and board nightmares (Longwood didn't have enough rooms for everyone)!

So, I am currently a senior and before school let out we had to fill out a room and roommate request. Well, I was so excited about returning because it was my senior year...until, I found out that I didn't get the room and roommate I wanted. The sad thing is, is that underclassmen got what they requested over me, a senior. Woopdeedoo...so, I'm stuck in an old dorm with no AC and some roommate I have no idea who she is...Fun stuff huh?

So I'm stranded and there are no other rooms available because Longwood was so smart to accept too many freshmen, meaning they don't have rooms for 50 of them. What a great school Longwood is...they take my money and then give rights to the underclassmen. -- anon

I was forced to stay in a hotel because they didn't have space for me

This semester is my Senior year, and because Longwood University did not finish their little housing project, for which I paid 2500.00 dollars a semester, they have decided that it would be best to cram some of their students into a Days INN Hotel. Yes I said a Days Inn Hotel, with moldy smelly rooms, and crappy WiFi internet, that works only half of the time. These rooms have not place to put clothes or anything, and they have no desk and only one chair and Oh yeah NO POWER OUTLETS!!!!! Is this was I get for my money? And the Longwood prize for those student placed over there is a 100 Longwood dollars which can only be used at the University, that doesn't offer that much stuff for their student to begin with. So that is my complaint for Longwood University housing!!! --Anon

They have gotten lazier and lazier at the housing department

Yes it puzzles me that I too am an upcoming Senior would get my third choice in housing. Yet, lowerclassmen get their top choices. I sent an email to the person as soon as it happened. Instead of acknowledging the error the lady was utterly baffled that I would dare complain. She was so proud in the fact that the amazing longwood housing computer was able to place 92% of students' top three choices. Yeah well it still doesn't mean they give priority to anyone. They have gotten lazier and lazier at the housing department. My sympathies to all. -- anon

They kicked us out of our dorm and charged us $2400 more to live somewhere else

I was a junior going to live with a senior, we had our room and board choice picked out, next to two of our friends. Well, Longwood places two underclassmen in our room, tries to tell us we didn't sign up for housing, even though they had charged us for the housing and meal contract. How can they charge us and then tell us we had never signed up with them?

So they put us in Stanley Park, cool, with an RA (Resident Advisor) whose head was soo far up Longwood's ASS. Why do you need RA's in a building when everybody there is 21 and up?????? Then there was the FAB, we had to pay 200 bucks to park our cars at SPARK, and we couldn't drive to campus. We had to walk or ride the FAB, with a grouchy lady. AND above this...PAY AN EXTRA $500 a semester to live there!!! This meant together we paid $2,400 more that year to live here. --anon

Summer School Housing - they assured me I had a room when I actually didn't

I registered for summer classes late one spring and then emailed the housing department to see if I needed to do anything to get a room. I got an email back assuring me I had a room in ARC for the summer and to just show up there and they would tell me which room. When I showed up on move in day the people there registering students had no idea who I was or why I didn't have a room. They asked me if I registered for a room and I had no idea what they were talking about, I was told I had a room. I spent the rest of the day walking back and forth from the housing office, Barlow, the Police station and a couple of other places in the hot summer heat. My card didn't work for the doors so I went to the ID place, the lady told me to go back to ARC and try it again. I went back to ARC and it still didn't work, so I went back to the lady. She typed a few more things on her computer and told me to go try it again and come back if it didn't work. I must have had a disgusted look on my face because she quickly followed that up with "It should work this time." I also paid for a meal plan at the housing department but my card didn't work in the dining hall THE ENTIRE SUMMER. I ended up just walking in most of the time cause the card lady was never paying attention.

Many Longwood dorms are falling apart

"Our sink played this really cute game where you had to keep guessing how to twist the dial to make it do what you wanted. We submitted a work order for it twice, and at the end of the semester, it still wasn't fixed. Paint fell off of our ceiling somewhat regularly. When the workmen came to look at *that*, they told us we wouldn't have to pay a fine for it, and left. WE HAD PAINT CHIPS FALLING ON US, but hey, at least we wouldn't have to pay for it. That's *like* a good solution, right? Our window didn't have a screen, as a result, we got wasps in the (non air conditioned) room more than once. -- anon

I can second this, more literally my friends bathroom collapsed. - anonymous
When we showered the plaster fell down in chunks, the ceiling was re-plastered and the leak above was fixed, but not good enough, had the same problem a couple weeks later. We just in the showering hoping an huge piece wouldn't fall on us. --current student -anonymous

The school is not very good at responding to work orders

This school is not very good about responding to work orders. I think that they try to get out of doing the work. 2 of my roommate/suitemates and I put in a work order at the beginning of the year because there were cockroaches on the stairs outside and one or two in the bathroom. 2 or 3 weeks later, someone came out and told us that they were just water bugs and not to worry about it. I'm sorry, but I know a roach when I see one. We had to put another work order or two each before they came to our building and sprayed for them. Thankfully, I have not seen one since then. My roommate and I also put in a work order because we had a mouse that kept running across the lights in the ceiling. They never came to even attempt to catch it. I didn't want them to kill it, but I didn't want it dying in my ceiling either. --anon

Crappy security feature: Longwood University door alarms

The doors in the Longwood dorms all have alarms that go off when the door is held open. The alarm is LOUD and can be heard throughout the dorm. The alarm for the door immediatly below our room would regularly go off and continue to go off for several minutes until someone, usually myself or my roommate, went down to close the door. Sometimes, the door was just malfunctioning and it wouldn't shut up. This went on for months, and I still don't think it's been fixed. But, hey, it's not like I needed that sleep.

And, as a security measure, I have to say a door alarm that goes off for ten minutes with no one coming to investigate sure helps me feel safe." -- anon

Many townies roam into Longwood University buildings via tailgating (following the person ahead of them). - anonymous

I was assigned a roommate - but never told!

I had a room to myself one semester, until someone showed up at my door saying they were my new roommate and asking when would be a good time to move in. Apparently the school knew about this for weeks and never had the decency to let me know... - anonymous

ILLEGAL room charges

Longwood University especially likes this one. A common scheme - they'll take something out of your room to repair it, never return, and then charge you several hundred dollars for loosing it at the end of the year!

Longwood tried to charge us for missing beds THEY took

When we got our lofts at the beginning of the year, a maintence person took our old beds and replaced them with the lofts. At the end of the school year we returned our lofts and asked where our beds were. The school told us that we had lost them and we would be charged to replace the beds THEY took out of the room! Longwood actually tried to make us sleep on the floor, during exam week, because they couldn't find us beds. I had to get my mom to come up to school and talk to the housing department. She spent the whole day sitting outside Cubberly's office (he's in charge of the dorms). After all that, Cubberly magically remembered where our beds had been taken. They were just trying to get money out of us for our beds. -- anon

Longwood made us pay $160 in illegitimate charges!

When I was at the Longwood dorms, they did everything they could to screw us. For example, at the end of the year they charged us over $250 in 'room damages.' What were the majority of the damages? $75 to clean scuff marks on the floor caused by Longwood's chairs (which they MADE us use); and $85 to replace a window screen that LONGWOOD lost.

Get this, in the middle of the year a screen feel out of our window, and we had Longwood Housing replace it. They took the screen, and said they'd return with a replacement. They never did. At the end of the year, they charged us for the missing screen!

They took my $100 damage deposit, but still wanted $35.83 more. What's even more upsetting is that they refused to drop any of the fees, even after we wrote 6 letters, including one to the Longwood president! I fought the charges for 2 years. However, after several threats that they were going to report me to the credit bureau (for $35.83!!) - I just gave up and paid it off.

It seems like they just don't care... --Sam Odio 04:49, 28 June 2006 (EDT), Virginia

Me too

Got charged $50 to refinish the closet door, when it was the same condition that I had received the door. My roommate appealed hers and never had to pay the charge, I repealed mine like the head of RCL said to and it was denied because I did express checkout. Worst part is that the Cunninghams are going to be torn down to make way for a brand new extension of the Student Union. I am pretty sure that the doors were not refinished and I "donated" the money to RCL.

--current student

Add your own horror stories! Please sign your name or initials. If you have to remain anonymous, at least add -- anon to the end of your story

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