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How to Love

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What is Love?

Love is one of the most sought after things for most people. Loving and sharing can stop loneliness. You can share with another person many things that are important to you. But you should understand your inner self so that you will have confidence, even if you are alone. When you choose someone to love, you should be ready to understand another person.

The person that you love may be concerned about you and your happiness. They may want to hear about your ideas and to have a relationship with you. Or that person may choose not to spend any time with you. They are not obligated to love you in return. Your love for them, comes from you. And if they do do not love you, you will still be the same wonderful person that you have always been.

When they do love you in return, you should be prepared to share with them and care for them. Their happiness should be important to you. You should want to know about their feelings, respect their privacy, and help them with their goals. Because you love them, they are a person that you will miss from your life. You should protect them and want to keep them safe. They should bring you happiness while you are spending time together. Love is about caring about another person.

You will have another person that will care about you with enough feelings to love you. Your special person should love you while you love them. Unconditional love is a feeling that should keep you happy by knowing that the person that you love is happy. Your love for them is from you without any qualifications. Their love for you in return is free for them to give to you. That is sharing because of choice, and not because of any mandate.

Love for Your Partner

Your love for each other as a couple can be a larger love than the love that each of you have for each other. Together or apart, your love for another person should not change for you. You should be more happy with your world when the person that you love, also loves you. The happiness and pleasure from spending time with each should bring your love for each other to a more heightened level of gratefulness for being able to love and to share with someone else. The capacity for love, and the opportunity to love someone that also loves you, should be an awe inspiring emotion for you. The person that you love should give you happiness with their love for you. You should have a person to love that also loves you.

Your life may not be empty without having a person to spend time with that you do love. In contrast, your life may simply not be as full and as glorious, as you may have hoped for when you wanted to love someone. You could simply be missing something that you wanted to include in your life. You can still be happy and content with your world without having a special person that you love. And loving a person that you could not spend time with, may help you to understand the happiness that love can bring with that emotion. Your feelings should allow you to appreciate your ability to love, and to experience loving someone. You should have someone to love and someone to love you.

Love with Words

When you tell a person that you love them, you are letting them know that you have a feeling for them that makes them special to you. They may not have the same feelings for you. When you know your inner self, you are capable of expressing your feelings with confidence. Loving that person is how you feel. You will not wonder, how the person that you love feels about you, if you tell them.

Letting them know that they are loved, allows you to take the opportunity to see if there may be a chance for a relationship. Loving that person is how you feel. Having confidence in yourself will allow you to want to find out the ways that they might respond to your love.

You are sharing with them one of your intimate feelings about the things that are important to you. Just saying the words to them is a way of releasing some of your private thoughts to them. You have shared the way that you felt with them. You should be prepared for the way that they might respond to your feelings. In advance, there should be a choice for you to make about your approach to their response to your feelings. You should still be able to like, or love, a person even if they do not return your love. But a person may want to avoid you if they know that you love them. The situation could be uncomfortable for them. You should be able to understand their feelings.

Love Shown

Your actions may encourage a person to notice you and the way that you treat them. Being attentive to their feelings, their needs, and their goals will show them that you could be capable of caring for them. Spending time with them while you are at sports events or at a social barbecue, should give them enough time to appreciate that you do care for them. You can express your concern with their happiness by doing things together that they enjoy. Trying new things with them should allow you to discover more about them. You should always be concerned about how they feel when the two of you are together. Understanding them should bring you closer to the ways to care for them and to show them your love.


You should remember the foods and beverages that they like. Your concern to know their favorite colors, favorite sports, and favorite foods, should help you to show them that you care about their preferences. Friends do care for each other and remember the details about each other. You should be able to buy concert tickets or a meal for the person that you love just because you cared enough to learn about those things.

If they like iced tea and never drink carbonated beverages, you should make sure that you plan to go to places that will serve iced tea. Loving someone should not be about the way that you could impress other people simply because you are being seen with that person. You should be showing them that you care for them and not be showing them off to make a better image for yourself.

Love Not Reciprocated

Loving someone is a precious thing that is a part of who you are inside. The person that you love may not return your feelings. You are not any less of a person, because the person that you choose to love, does not love you. They may not feel that you have anything to share with them. Or that you do not have anyway to make them happy in a relationship. That is why you should know your inner self when you choose to love someone. You should understand the things that make you happy, and what you truly value as important in your life. Knowing your self will allow you to decide if you would be happy with a person in a relationship.

They may be uncomfortable being around a person that loves them. You should not be hurt if they want to avoid you. You should realize that the best thing for them to do is to stay away from something that creates tension for them. They may be looking for someone to love that is not you. Spending time with other people will help them to find a person that will be right for them. You may always love them, even though you realize that the two of you could not have a close relationship.

Or you may decide that your love was based on things that were not quite correct because they did not love you also. Maybe they were just spending time with you because you were fun as a friend. You could jeopardize your friendship by telling someone that you love them. And you will never know the way that they feel about you unless you tell them that you love them. You should take the chance to learn about their love by telling them that you love them.

Love with Ideal Constraints

You may choose to love a person because of their profession, such as a physician or an attorney. They may have stability, comfort, and security in their lives with attractive prestige. You may want to love them because your love is part of the image, that you want to reflect, from the people that you associate with in your life. Many people are doctors, lawyers, or attorneys. They have different interests that satisfy personal choices in their lives. Professional and successful people may have many admirers that would like to have a relationship with them. They could choose from many people to find a person for them to love.

Part of the reason, that you may have chosen to love them, may be because you want to communicate with an educated person that has a respect for a certain kind of life. They may choose not to love you in return simply because you do not have any common interests to share with them.

There may not be any basis for a relationship with them because the two of you would not have anything to share. You may have only wanted to love a doctor and not the person that was a doctor. Perhaps your love was simply about you and your image, and not about the person that you chose to love.

Love Yourself

The more that you improve yourself will allow you to have more to offer to another person. You will have things to share, and to offer to another person. You should find the things that make you happy, that keep you relaxed, and that allow you to grow. You may be less likely to choose a person to love because they will improve your image if you are content with all of the things that you have in your life. The person that you love may want to be inspired by the things that you have to offer them in a relationship also. You should be ready to love, and to share, with another person that has needs to fulfill. Knowing more about yourself will help you to avoid choosing to love the wrong person for the wrong reasons.

You should understand the things that motivate you. You may believe in recycling, solar power, and nature conservation. When you know these things about yourself, then you may realize that a person that only likes to pollute will probably only irritate you. You should not try to change a person that you would choose to love.


They understand themselves and have beliefs that are important to them. They may enjoy racing on bikes while you do not want to do anything that strenuous. Having different interests, may mean that you will not spend much time together with them, and may not mean that you will not choose to love that person. Loving a person should mean that you would want that person to be happy. They may need to be happy by being away from you.

Hints for Finding Love

Keep yourself open for the opportunities to find the person that you could love. You should go to places where there are people if you want to meet a person to love. Going to shops, gyms, or concerts will put you among crowds of people. You should interact in these social places and go to the places that people tend to gather around.

Recycling centers, political rallies, or bookstores may bring you closer to people that you would like to meet. You should go to places that support your interests so that you might meet a person that has the same interests. You should be more likely to love a person that has similar priorities which are attractive to you. Joining groups that enhance your writing or biking hobbies, should make you more available to meet someone new and to understand another person.

You should be ready to speak openly with new people about your goals and preferences. Sharing things about yourself could allow another person to understand those things about you. When you tell a person that you love them, then they should be aware of the details about you. They should understand that you will treat them with respect and support their beliefs. A deep bond of the different things, that the two of you could share, should be something that would enhance a relationship. You should be prepared to cherish their hopes and dreams because you could love them. Loving someone should mean that you are happy when you are with them.

Clues for Love

Loving someone may be a surprise to you. Somehow you may have never noticed that you cared for them because you were busy caring for yourself. You were not ready to share yourself with another person while you were occupied with your own needs. Suddenly, the person that you love may be going away to college, moving away with the military, or accepting a new job in another city. Then you notice that you have special feelings for them and a sense of loss because they will be gone.

When they leave you, then you could miss them and notice the empty place in your life. They are going ahead with own life, without ever being told by you, that you love them. Perhaps they simply do not have the courage to tell you that they have close feelings for you. Or maybe they only wanted you to show them, in some way, that you did care for them before they left you alone. You may have simply assumed that they would always be near you.

Some of the things that should have alerted you to your feelings of love could have been simple things, like the way that you responded to them. And you should have noticed the ways that they may have responded to you. You may have liked to listen to that person while they were talking. Someone liked to spend time with you. You liked their ideas and approaches to topics. They liked to look at you in a photograph. You liked to watch that person while they were doing things.

Someone only wanted to smile when they saw you. You wanted to show a person your new things. They wondered how you would respond to their opinions. You wanted to know how a person felt about some issues. They wanted you to stay safe and healthy. You wondered how they would respond to the things that you wanted to buy. Another person needed to ask you about things before they could make a decision. You wanted to look good for another person. Things like these, are clues for noticing the ways that other people respond to you.

Special Thoughts

When you wake up, you wonder what another person might be doing. You want to tell them how you accomplished something. When something wonderful happens to you, then you want to see their face when you tell them about your good fortune. Those could be clues that a person is important to you and that you may value their opinion. You may want to have that person as a part of your life so that you may feel complete. You may have chosen to love that person.

Cautions for Love

A person may only like you as a friend, and may feel threatened if you choose to love them. Your love could create a problem for them because they may have wanted to remain friends with you. They may want to avoid you if you do love them because they are uncomfortable with your love. You may feel hurt because they do not love you. They may feel hurt because they have a lost a friend that wanted to change their relationship. You should be able to understand the way that they feel, and the way that they need to deal with their feelings.

You may just be lonely for companionship and not in love with the person. Spending more time with other people and going to different places may help to slow your loneliness, or may make you feel more alone without that person. Missing that person may be something that is different for you to experience.

You should be aware of your inner self and your capacity for being alone. Love and loneliness should not be the same thing to you. You may simply need to have a conversation to combat your feelings of isolation. Being with crowds of people at a ball game may alleviate your loneliness, while you are buying a snack, and cheering with the crowd. You may know that having a person to love could give you companionship. You should also know that love, companionship, and friendship are different things.

The Right person

The person that you choose to love may want more than you could ever offer to them in the way of ideas and conversation. They may need to talk about social reform and energy conservation. You may not be able to offer them any constructive thoughts about their interests. The person that you choose to love may want to work in research and with a person that they would choose to love. You may not appeal to their hopes, dreams, and desires for ideas with their future.

You may only create a void in their life that they would want to fill with someone else that could offer them valuable discourse. They may only want to avoid you more because you may be so intense with your need to spend time with them. You should know that are not happy and should respect their need to be with someone else. You should find someone else to choose to love while they also choose to love you. You should be capable of loving a person that wants to love you.

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