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The Joy of LuaTeX

Hi! I created this Wiki to host interesting LuaTeX code. LuaTeX is an extension of TeX created by Taco Hoekwater and Hans Hagen, its official Website is http://www.luatex.org.

  • first of all, an example of code traversing TeX nodes before an horizontal list goes through the line breaking engine;
  • you want a newline in your log file or on the terminal? add \string\n to your string;
  • other examples...

LuaTeX bugs

On this page of LuaTeX bugs we could write down minor bugs we encounter so that on the day Taco (or some other brave developer) will have time and energy to fix them he will not need to search in dev-lua archives or in his mails...

... and of course remove them once they are fixed.

Yannis Haralambous

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