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This is Lurline News Letter Room

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This wiki is for lurline newsletter. There are
helpful sections on tutorials and resources and an area where you can share your ideas.

To use this site click on the links to go to the page and to add information click on
the 'edit' link to the right of the section or at the top of the page, you can then add
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This Page - I will put SOME WIKI CODES - how to use this website. It is very very easy to use you don't need to know complex HTMl codes or Micromedia flash

Just click [edit] in every page if you want to add your opinion, then click [Save Page] to accept changes

Local News



This time I think everyone has good idea of how use to wiki codes. To put some images on you have to Sign in. A lot of images are copy right protected. This page is where all tenants can exchange some ideas.

Gardeners Page

This page belongs to people who love gardening, flowers and any issues related to the joy of growing plants. They can exchange some ideas,whats new etc


Here is one of Elphinstones best gardens at work tom and serika

Here is collection of flowers in Elphinstone rd Area since 2004 photographer Ali


Serika This was 2005 and Tom, my new green thumb neighbour, helping me put a fence around my vege patch. It was a good year with cherry tomatoes, rocket that really went beserk, parsely, corianda, pak choy, thai and ordinary basil,beetroot, and lots of lovely spinach. These veges were protected by marigolds planted on the outside of the fence serika you did well

Maintainance page


Not for the contractors they are nightmare disorganise and they never do good unless the department of housing pushing them all the time .They took them to modify my bathroom for 10 day and the suppose to be done in 4 days day thanks to my good neighbours who let me use their bath room.

===As you my aware there is Fire Safety Modification going on in Elphinstone area Most of tenants My area is old and disable i been i my flat the last 10 ten years the DOH did great job to be accessable for me as wheelchair bound Most of the subcontacrts didn't do very good job unless DOH watching them all the time there is few images i took the before Anna DOH worker involve and after also i made link to the main Website for the NSW Deparment of Housing===

Ali Suleiman


As you can see this door has heavy metal inchs thick its bad one to get out wheel chair with one hand

Nice.png ---

This is nice work see right side OF THE DOOR how the metal shrink this time the contaracters done very good good job i have lof of spsce to get in and out even using one arm i can get in and out

Below is the people who to contact if you have problem and I link it the website of the Deparment of housing

ITM ANNA TEL 8383999



Where is the 1 number and double arrow sing is the Main website of Deparment of Housing (DOH) Click it

Public notice page


There is new church open in our area. If anyone would like to go there and worship on Sundays 10am, the address is Randwick Community Center 23 Munda St Randwick, behind the new Mivrac buildings.

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