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MAC Cosmetics Coupons

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About MAC Cosmetics

MAC was partially and initially acquired by Estee Lauder companies in 1994. Full ownership occurred in 1998 when MAC began to sell the product in more than 70 different countries and territories. The company is popular with numerous makeup artists that use makeup for high fashion photo shoots. Peruse the MAC cosmetics website to view the types of looks makeup artists can achieve with this phenomenal makeup. MAC is respected by makeup artists all over the world.

MAC is recommended for clients of all ages, races and sexes. Nearly every complexion color may be matched with the foundation. Additionally, the color options for blush come in a variety of options to illuminate the skin and brighten the look.

Nearly every color under rainbow is offered in terms of eyeshadow. Clients do not have to be limited in their creativity by the selection offered. Along with the makeup, MAC offers a range of lashes, brushes, skin care and accessories. All of the products are available on the website.

MAC is community oriented and gives back through several community outreach programs. MAC fund supports men, women and children affected by AIDS globally. The fund helps to combat AIDS worldwide by giving a portion of the proceeds from Viva Glam lipstick sales.

Lady GaGa partnered with MAC to support the fight against AIDS. This is just one way that this company gives back to the community. Customers appreciate what MAC does for the community.

MAC Products

MAC’s signature products include Viva Glam Cyndi Lipgloss, Viva Glam Gaga Lipgloss and Viva Glam Lipstick. Eye makeup removers and moisturizers are also offered to consumers. Green gel cleanser is also available.

Mac Cosmetics

MAC shadows are also very popular with their clients. The colors are vibrant and maintain their vibrancy under intense camera lighting. From the liners to the mascara, MAC’s products are all camera ready. Clients will look their best during their photo shoot for modeling, on their wedding day or for everyday use.

Popular Locations

MAC stores may be found in any of the major malls and also near boutique stores. Clients seeking MAC products may simply search online for the MAC store near them. New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Miami and Atlanta all have a large presence of MAC stores in the area. Nearly any location where modeling and theatre have a strong presence, MAC will also be available. In Atlanta, MAC may be found at Lenox Mall. In Chicago, MAC is located on the Magnificent Mile and in Schaumburg Mall. Major department stores such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdales and others also carry MAC products.

Where Can I Find Coupons?

MAC products are not frequently featured for discounts or coupons. However, clients will find discounts on shipping or savings in department stores that carry the product. Occasionally, MAC stores offer promotional deals.

Clients should start by checking with individual stores and the website for discounts and promotional deals. Other options are available on the web.

Macy’s seems to have a sale for every occasion. This is great for clients seeking discounts on cosmetics. A good place to look for these discounts is Macys.com and also Coupon Tweet. Coupon Tweet often features discounts on shipping for MAC products if a certain amount is exceeded.

The discounts are often $10 off, $20 off, $30 off or more. Free shipping or a flat rate shipping fee is often charged. This is often a significant savings for people who prefer to shop online than visit the store.

Additional Ways to Save

Coupon Winner has an ongoing offer for $5 flat rate on shipping. Use of the coupon requires the customer spend $75 before the coupon is valid. This order must also take place through Macys.com. Free shipping is offered if $200 or more is spent on MAC merchandise. These savings are not huge, but may make a difference if you are debating about whether to order online or go to the store.

Retail Me Not offers MAC coupons for customers. They often feature deals that award a free lipstick with six empty MAC lipstick cases. Consumers rate the effectiveness and validity of the deal offered to curtail fraud on the website. Other free shipping coupons are offered as well.

Coupon websites are plentiful on the web. The websites mentioned are only a few offered to provide consumers with discounts on cosmetics, shipping and other related items. Customers should always verify the validity of the offer and confirm the expiration date before attempting to redeem the coupon. Otherwise, customers may enjoy the coupons.

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