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MFGG Wiki/April Fool's Prank

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The customary April Fools prank on MFGG is to change the forum's skin.

April Fools 2002

MFGG was changed to WFGG -- Wario Fan Games Galaxy. The entire skin was changed to purple, and Wario was made an admin. All forum images depicting Mario were changed to Wario. Simultaneously, all the avatars and signature images of various members were modified. As there were not as many members as today, and even fewer signature images, it made the forums extremely confusing.

April Fools 2004

The 2004 April Fool's prank is highly controversial.

ShadowMan's Fun

The recently elected administrator, ShadowMan, changed the forums to Waligie Fangames Place based on a cult hit fangame ,Waligie Bros. The forum was changed to a blinding uniform white, and all fonts were changed to System. Some liked the skin, but most administrators despised it to the point of editing posts to make it seem that more people disliked it. Near the end, all the forums were removed except for one as a member named US Army claimed to have arrested Waligie.

Retriever II's Revenge

The new host of the forums, Retriever II, decided to prank ShadowMan in retaliation. The administrative controls were reverse-engineered so that ShadowMan no longer had the ability to change skins. It took nearly an hour before ShadowMan was told this, which infuriated him, much to many's delight. In an effort to fix it, however, all the Waligie skin images were replaced with default ones. The forum images remained to be in the /waligie directory for nearly a year.

April Fools 2005

The 2005 April Fools prank is considered to be the most elaborate.

ShadowMan's Portion

ShadowMan, with the aid of Klobber, changed the forums to Uncle Billy's Spanish Chicken Shack Fangames Galaxy, or Choza Espanol de Pollo Galaxias Fangames de Tio Billy. The traditional blue colors of the forum were replaced with various images of wood planks, ShadowMan became Tio Billy, and the language on the forum was changed to be Spanish. All images on the boards revolved around either Mexico, Spain, or Tio Billy, depicted as George Foreman. A regularly changed MIDI file was also played in the background. This prank was well-received, and more smoothly executed than that of 2004.

Retriever II's Portion

Once again, Retriever II pulled a prank on ShadowMan in revenge. This time, Retriever II prevented ShadowMan from changing his name back to ShadowMan, forcing him to be Tio Billy forever. Taking another counter-measure, Retriever II changed the password to MFGG's FTP, preventing ShadowMan from removing the "deny" code from the Admin CP. However, ShadowMan obtained the Penguinia FTP password from Klobber and manually changed the file to a working one. Unfortunately, the one ShadowMan uploaded was from an older version of Invision Boards, which nearly destroyed the functionality of some features.

April Fools 2006


Forum replaced by All About Beards.

Retriever II

We yet wait.

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