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MF Movies

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Herein is a list of "MF Movies", also known as "Ahhh, not those!" or "Damn cool movies". MF movies are likely to include:

  • Stylized violence (Think Kill Bill, not Saw)
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Convoluted plots that are often told out of chronology
  • Random happenings that may not be explained
  • Absurdist humour
  • Creative swearing
  • Some thinking and paying attention required
  • Distopia-related movies
  • Good camera work

So, here are the works chosen as MF Movies: (Feel free to add your own thoughts about ones you've seen)

Pulp Fiction

The mother of all movies. Includes Samuel L. Jackson, a story told entirely out of order (though that doesn't matter), a mysterious briefcase, heads exploding, mushroom-cloud laying MF, and a 2.5-minute tracking shot about baseball. When asked to give a description, MF can only ever provide "Three stories about one story", "Awesomeness", and "You have to watch it to understand." Nothing else works.

This movie has been seen by: Seanacton, Rachel, Rachel's billet from SMUNA 2007, Oleg, Nick

Blade Runner

Rachel says: a really weird movie.

MF says: This movie created cyberpunk. Without this, we wouldn't see The Matrix, Coruscant, Akira, or Timesplitters. The story isn't great, but the setting is amazing. Also, the scene at the end, running around the dark building, is both scary and fun. Harrison Ford also gets his fingers broken one by one which was really disgusting and makes one want to cringe...

This movie has been seen by: Rachel, Sean, Charles, Steff


An old anime, that notably doesn't have mouths that take up someone's entire head - dialogue is lip-synced very well. Partly an action movie, partly a story of isolation, and partly just nonsense. Highlights include the giant teddy bear and car, covered in milk (WTF) and insides dumping out onto the pavement. It doesn't have to make sense, it's just cool.

Seen by MF, Seanacton, Oleg, and Tony

A Clockwork Orange

Made very little sense, even to MF. Basic themes were obvious, but the whole thing failed to be coherent. Seen by MF and Sean, and by VGOC friend Donovan Sotnikow

[Other descriptions to be filled in later...]


Wow, yeah, this movie. what the fuck. -seanacton

Seen by Hope, Sean, and VGOC friend Donovan Sotnikow at Christimas Bash, also presumably watched at some earlier time by MF and Nathan.

Being John Malkovich




The Wall

Samir, MF and Li (actually if memory serves, Li was upstairs playing that crazy WarioWare balance all the puzzle pieces game) I believe all fell asleep during this movie. I was tramatized. -seanacton

Seen by: Sean, Michael Fulton, and Li

The Fountain

Rachel says: A movie in which a man travels through space in a bubble attempting to save his lover. the pinnacle of confusing for MF movies as one must read the wikipedia article before they are able to understand it. with the girl from The Mummy and whats his face... Hugh Jackman! his acting just made the whole movie... ah...

Rachel has bad taste in movies says: K, there was no actual time travel involved in the film. IT WAS A METAPHOR!! jeez. But yeah, Hugh Jackman was crazy, and Rachel Wiesz had cancer.

Seen by: Rachel, MF, Michael Zhang. Seanacton has now also seen this.


Apocalypse Now


Sean: Rar.

Seen By: MF, Sean

Across the Universe

Other Kickass Movies

Just a list of other good movies that don't quite qualify as "MF Movies"

  • Casablanca
  • 1408
  • Anything directed by Quentin Tarantino
  • Lost in Translation
  • James Bond
  • Monty Python's Life of Brian
  • Fawlty Towers
  • Children of Men
  • V for Vendetta
  • South Park
  • Hot Fuzz
  • The Deerhunter

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