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MZA Archeological Excavation

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MensaZA Archeological Excavation

Archeology is the study of human cultures through the recovery, documentation and analysis of material remains and environmental data, including architecture, artifacts, biofacts, human remains, and landscapes.

An "archaeological excavation" is the best-known and still, the most commonly used technique within the science of archaeology. In this sense it is the exposure, processing and recording of archaeological remains.

This page documents the exploration of the MensaZA archives.

Record of messages categorised/being categorised:

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In The Beginning

  • Message 1 by Tim Knights - "Mensa is a wonderful organisation for conversation and discussions, and in this way we will be using the power of e-mail and the Internet for our discussions."



  • Message 29 by Raymond Anderson - Article "this Canadian thinks it is time to speak up for the Americans as the most generous and possibly the least-appreciated people in all the earth" (Gordon Sinclair - Broadcast June 5, 1973 CFRB, Toronto, Ontario)
  • Message 30 by Ash Emery - "the message contained errors"..."Only Finland and South Africa repaid war debts"..."The Airbus is vastly more advanced than the general Boeing range"


Annual National Gathering

Cats and Buttered Toast Paradox

carpet impact is determined by the following simple formula: P = S * t(t)/tc"

  • Message 15 by Michael Lane - "from this I can disprove the buttered cat array, the movie Inderpendance day, Father Christmas and the fact that the "Charmed" sisters are infact skinny"

Celebrity Mensans


  • Message 26 by Doreen Davis - "crocodiles lay eggs, but the temperature determines whether the babies turn out to be male or female"..."some calamity which caused a change in temperature"..."I wondered whether dinosaurs"..."could have been affected in the same way as I was told that the crocodiles are"
  • Message 66 by Raymond Anderson - "I forwarded this to my science discussion group, and got the following responses. One of the respondents is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate"
  • Message 69 by Catherine (?) - "the theory as expounded by them is that it's the temperature during incubation that makes a difference"

Forum Etiquette

  • Message 44 - Part 1 by Jonathan Kariv - "Next meeting just slug it out."..."Come on guys maybe nostradamus saw it coming maybe he didn't. But either way please shut up about it."
  • Message 44 - Part 2 by Raymond Anderson - "This is a facility to share views, and articles of interest, between members across the country."
  • Message 47 by Patsy Tyler - "I would estimate that this Nostradamus discussion has only taken about half an hour - we have been VERY restrained!"
  • Message 48 by Tony Herbert - "Mensans enjoy intellectual repartee and intercourse. Anything goes and everything is moot."..."Tolerance is a quality worth pursuing,pugnacity not!"
  • Message 50 by Jonathan Kariv - "I was only tring to point out that we have discussed the topic very well and the arguments are becoming mildly repetitive."
  • Message 51 - Part 2 by Raymond Anderson - "A request, please refrain from sending in one line comments. Each of these posts is screened, and it increases the workload."
  • Message 68 by Patsy Tyler - "Please don't call Cape Town, 'Capetown'. We don't write Newyork or Sanfrancisco or Losangeles - looks really weird, doesn't it?"



  • Message 33 by Doreen Davis -"Angels of Mons"..."I think it is a good example of how people are determined to be fooled by anything occult"


Lost & Found


  • Message 7 by Peter Geddes - "Is marriage an ancient archetype which is heading towards extinction?"
  • Message 8 by Barbara George - "In short, we have different needs, and more of the means to achieve them, so have less dependency on a partner to help us through life."


Prophecies and Predictions

  • Message 27 by David Chaplin - "Nostradamus left a large body of jumbled images and biblical allegories of such variety and scope that one can find in them whatever meaning one wants to, if one is prepared to sacrifice the basis of rational enquiry"
  • Message 28 byJonathan Kariv - "the same techniques usd to get predictions out of the bible in the so called bible code were used on Moby Dick and similiar results where found"
  • Message 32 by Raymond Anderson - Article "the predictions floating around are a hoax"
  • Message 33 by Rory Bosman - "the truth according to Nostradamus (the truth and hopefully the last word)"


  • Message 50 by Jonathan Kariv - "Find a cube such that all it's edges are integers and the diagonals on its 6 faces diagonals are integers and the internal diagonals are also integers."
  • Message 52 by Garth Zietsman - "There is in fact no solution"
  • Message 53 by Peter Carswell -"Your problem asks for a cube to be found, yet in your algebraic interpretation you make reference to three different lenghts"
  • Message 56 by Jonathan Kariv - "Sorry By a cube I meant a retangular prism"..."You have only proven it for the special case a=b=c."
  • Message 61 by Roger Pacey - "The problem posed by Harriet Copelyn [Jonathan Kariv - GB] is similar to one that appeared in Mentor in 1998."..."THE PYTHAGOREAN BRICK"
  • Message 64 by Garth Zietsman - "no such brick can exist."



Systems of Belief

  • Message 34 by Peter Geddes - "There is a growing realisation in the West that the ancient beliefs and principles hold the essential truth of life, and people are jumping off the crazy bandwagon of science, logic, materialism, etc."
  • Message 39 by Tim Scholes - "just because science (materialism) may not make people feel good, does this mean that anything that is used as a substitute is somehow just as good?"
  • Message 41 by Edgar Bradley - "technical and scientific advances we have experienced in the last few hundred years are at least partly as a result of the Protestant Reformation"..."Many of the giants of early Western science were devout Christians"
  • Message 49 by Moyra Keane - "You see "Zen" is a form of "occult and idolatry" ? My mind boggles!!"
  • Message 51 - Part 1 by Edgar Bradley - "Boggle on"
  • Message 54 by Tim Scholes - "I believe any christain, or any person for that matter, would benefit from learning about Zen. (better still from practicing it)"
  • Message 57 by Peter Carswell - "Rather have the Christians spend time meditating on the Word and spending the time in a constructive relationship with God."
  • Message 62 by Tony Herbert - "I agree with you [Peter Carswell - GB] when you say 'To accept a religion would be a great self-violation.'"..."You live, you die, you're gone, that's it."
  • Message 54 by Tim Scholes - "Peter, I hate to point this out to you, but to you offer absolutely to evidence to back up your assertions"..."you should use more persuasive arguments in attempting to convince others of the truth of Christianity"
  • Message 65 by Rikus Combrinck - "The nature of Zen"..."Ryutan offered Tokusan a lighted candle to find his way. Just as Tokusan received it, Ryutan blew it out."
  • Message 67 by Andre Van der Merwe - "Now some advice from a foolish in Christ mensaian. Stop this rhetoric on Christianity or you are going to loose membership of which mine will be the first."
  • Message 70 by Dolf Van Amersfoort - "I to date haven't heard a convincing argument that either there is a god or that any one god is the 'true' god."
  • Message 71 by Peter Carswell - "I was referring to the effect that accepting a religion (in part of in full) would have on a Christian."..."We are a self-correcting religion. We have checks and balances."..."Christianity is not stagnant, is not self-contradictory (as some believe) and is not about Dogma."
  • Message 72 by David Chaplin - "your [Tony Herbert - GB] atheism is indeed a belief. What follows is not an answer to the religion vs science debate, because that argument cannot be resolved rationally, simply because there is no common language"..."The business of science is"..."this uncertainty means that everyhting we think we know might be wrong, and very probably is"


  • Message 73 by Raymond Anderson - "TeenSIG, the American SIG for intelligent youth, is doing a survey about views on intelligence around the country and the world."


War on Terror

  • Message 35 by Patsy Tyler - Article "Taliban and Ben Laden are not Afghanistan"
  • Message 45 by Raymond Anderson - Article "If the US and the rest of the developed world is serious about declaring war on terrorism we need to address the cause of terrorism, which is NOT Islam or any other religion." by ES (?)
  • Message 55 - Part 1 by Raymond Anderson - Forwarded "The US media and politicians are ignoring the "why?" question. They cannot imagine that there might be a "logical" explanation for the attacks. "It's bin Laden and he hates everything American" is probably the going answer." by Leon Otto
  • Message 55 - Part 2 by Raymond Anderson - "Would there exist a peaceful solution to the philosophy of fear and hate, I'd embrace it."..."Some things do not change without conflict and eventual destruction of the seed of one of the philosophies involved in that conflict." by Michael Fox

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