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Q: What is a 'wiki'?

A wiki is a web site that allows users to collaboratively create and maintain documents. In addition to viewing the pages in the normal manner, visitors (yes, you!) can also edit and add content.

Q: May I contribute?

Yes. Preferably you should have an idea of what is going on on the MensaZA forum, though.

Q: How does it work?

You can edit and add to any text on the site, including this page. Simply click the Edit icon at the top of the page. Typically you would edit this particular page if you want to add a question or contribute to an answer. Alternatively, go to any of the topics listed on the MensaZA main page and edit those pages, or add new ones if you feel so inclined.

Q: I don't know anything about computers/ I'm terminally lazy/ I don't have time, and this looks very complicated. Can I contribute without having to resort to Tylenol?

It need not be complicated. Just go to the topic that you are interested in, click the Edit icon at the top of the page, type your contribution at the end of the existing text, like you would type e-mail, and click the Save page button. If there is need for additional formatting or integration with the rest of the text, other people will take care of it. And don't worry -- everything is backed up and trivial to restore. So, you can't mess up. Even if you delete everything by accident, someone else will magically make it reappear. If you are bathed in cold sweat at the thought of trying this, go to the sandbox first. It is a page specifically made for trying out things.

Q: When does a topic qualify for this wiki?

When you want to scream when you see it popping up on the forum again. Alternatively a wiki page can simply serve as a central information source for subjects under discussion, listing references, or even featuring information related to a specific SIG. If you are unsure about contributing, keep in mind that the wiki philosophy is to be bold.

Q: How should a topic be presented?

Some frequently debated topics are literally millennia old and consequently have a vast body of existing writing associated with it. No need to repeat everything here. Summarise what has been said on the forum and link to other web resources. A topic should be presented in two parts: first a factual part, or at least content shared by the majority of people sympathetic to a certain point of view. An optional second part should consist of any individual points of view, which are largely in agreement, yet marginally different or more differentiated. As examples, see naming issue, literalism and Wongism.

Q: Nice. I want to really get into this wiki thing. Where do I find out more?

  • More about wiki.
  • More information on editing and the markup language used by MediaWiki (the engine on which this wiki is running).
  • If you become a regular contributor, or would just like to help tidy up things, have a look at this style guide from Wikipedia.
  • Play around in a sandbox to test things.

Q: Has this got anything to do with Wikipedia?

No. The Wikipedia philosophy (broadly speaking) and style are encouraged, but there is no direct relationship.

Q: What's with the MZA prefix to the names of MensaZA pages?

Since the MensaZA wiki is part of a public space on the BluWiki server, this convention is recommended to distinguish MensaZA pages from others. In general, wiki philosophy discourages isolating content in such a way. It's a bit of a special case, though. These pages may be moved to another server and at such a time it may help if the MensaZA content is easily distinguishable. So, for the moment, if you create a new page, please follow this convention.

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