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Mafia is the most popular game of VGOC, and often defines its existence. Mafia-VGOC Rules is played with a specific format. The original game consists of villagers, an angel, cops, and mafia. Subsequent roles are jesters, prostitutes, and bombs, in that order.

On this page, it states what the rules being used are, for clarity for all. As well, to facilitate new rules or roles, the discussion page can be used to propose things.


Standard Games

A standard game is played with two teams. The Mafia (bad guys) and the Villagers (good guys) with the Mafia consisting solely of Mafia players and the Villagers being comprised of Villagers, Cops, and the Angel. The Moderater has no team affiliation. A third team is may also be added, consisting solely of the Jester.

  • Host/Moderator: This player, as there can be only one, acts as the storyteller in the Mafia game. It is their charge to call upon the other players in their respective roles during the "Night Time" and to remember and relate the events that have transpired throughout the game. (This is the only voluntary position in Mafia)
  • Villager(s): Villagers comprise the vast majority of players in a standard Mafia game, they are on the same side as the Angel and Cops, and it is their goal to identify and eliminate the Mafia.
  • Mafia(s): The Mafia players comprise the antagonistic force in Mafia, which is to say, all other standard roles act to stop them. It is their goal to, as a team, eliminate all the other players. They are first to become active at night and must select an opposing figure to slay during the "Night Time". The Mafia win when they eliminate all other players.
  • Cop(s): The Cop, or, in larger games, Cops strives alongside the other players to reveal and kill the Mafia. As the second group to awaken at night, they have the ability to investigate a player of their choice, determining whether or not they are Mafia. This information can then be used in the "Day Time" to help the villagers.
  • Angel/Doctor: The Angel has the ablity to save a player of their choice. During the "Night Time" it is their job to identifiy who they believe is at the greatest risk of being targeted by the Mafia and act, by indicating to the Moderator, to save them. A game may never have more than one Angel.

Game Play

Character Set-up

  • In a standard game of "Mafia" (8 players), there will be two (2) Mafia, one (1) Cop, and one (1)Angel. The rest of the players will be Villagers.
  • With 8 or more players, a Jester may be added to the game to prevent randomness.
  • When there are at least 9 participants, an extra Mafia and Cop may be added to the game to increase the number of special roles.

Determining the Characters

  • After the number of each players for each role is determinded (Mafia should never outnumber villagers), the moderator will pick out cards from a standard 52-card deck following the representation below:
    • For each Mafia a King is picked out.
    • For each Cop a Jack is picked out.
    • For the Angel an Ace is picked out.
    • For the Jester a Joker is picked out.(Optional)
    • For each Villager, a random-as-long-as-it's-different-from-others card is picked out.
  • After the proper cards are picked out by the host, he or she will then go around and allow each person to randomly select a card. The player then looks at their card and assumes the role of that character. It is crucial that all players keep their cards secret, not revealing them until the end of the game (cards may not even be revealed on death).

Gaming Procedures

The game is broken up into two parts, Day Time and Night Time. All games begin with Night Time. The Moderator begins the Night Time phase by telling all other players to "Go to sleep" (This means that all players close and cover their eyes and remain silent until told otherwise). After all characters are "sleeping", the moderator will call upon special characters in the following order: Mafia, Cop, Angel. This is done by saying "(Role), Wake up." At this point all players playing that role open their eyes. After the appropriate events take place the Moderator will then say "(Role), go back to sleep."

During the Night Time roles, the following actions take place:

    • Mafia: All Mafia players wake up and look around silently. Next the Moderator inquires, "Who would you like to kill?" As a team the Mafia then silently select one player to assassinate (by pointing). Once the Moderator knows which player is to die, the Mafia goes back to sleep.
    • Cop(s): The Cop(s) wake up on command and look around to indentify their partner, if they have one. Next the Moderator asks, "Who would you like to investigate?" The cops will silently point to one character, after which the Moderator will indicate, by nodding or shaking their head, whether that player is a Mafia member. Cops then go back to sleep.
    • Angel: The Angel is awoken third, and silently selects one player to "save". If the Angel saves the Mafia's target, that player does not die.
  • After all roles have been dealt with appropriately, the host will then tell everyone to "wake up", after which the Moderator will reveal who was slain over the last night. (Although a story is only optional, most hosts do one since it is the most fun part of the game).
  • Important notes:
    • If the Mafia's target was saved by the Angel, the name of the target is not revealed (Exception: If this happens during the first round, the target's name is revealed, so as to stimulate debate)
    • The Moderator must always go through each role during the Night Time, even if all players under a certain role are dead (This is so that no one is aware a certain role is now extinct).

Day Time play is substantially simpler. During this time all living players (not including the Moderator) debate freely back and forth about the identity of the Mafia. the villagers' goal is to, as a team, uncover the Mafia and vote them off. Conversely, the Mafia strives to convince the other players that others are Mafia. At any time a player may call for a vote. At this time, the Moderator steps in and declares that "(Player name) has been formally accused". All players who believe this player to be a Mafia member raise their hands. A majority vote means that that player is voted off, and is stoned to death (Or another interesting story) by the remaining villagers. All players voted off recieve a chance to give their "Last words", which are often "FUCK YOU ALL!!"

Victory is declared when:

    • Villagers: All Mafia have been voted out
    • Mafia: Only the Mafia remain

VGOC Rules

This section includes all rules and roles that we have invented to make the game more interesting.

  • New Rules
    • Notably different from other people's versions, in the VGOC's Mafia, players do not reveal their card upon being killed.
  • New Roles
    • Jester (Joker): The Jester exists on his own team. His goal is to be voted out during the Day Time, which results in his solitary victory. Should the Mafia kill him during the night, he does not win. The Jester was originally used to prevent random voting. With the Jester in play, a random vote could lead to everyone's defeat.
    • Prostitute (Queen): The Prostitute works with the Villagers to incapacitate the Mafia. During the night, the Prostitue is called up last, and silently selects a player to "Sleep with". This action negates the action of any special character and all other players of the same role. To date, the Prostitute has not been used, because players cannot agree on specific rules regarding it.
    • Bomb: This person acts as a villager, excepting that, upon being voted off, he kills the two players adjacent to him. This person has also never been used.

Archetypal Games

This section is a compilation of the experiences of VGOC members in playing Mafia, and some of the patterns they have noticed. The most prominent attribute is perhaps the amount of shouting.

Ken Principle

  • The Ken Principle Death Opening, where Ken is killed during nighttime by the mafia because they assume he will defeat them should he remain alive.
  • The Ken Principle Life Opening, where Ken remains alive at the end of the first night, but is voted to be stoned the day thereafter because the villagers cannot risk Ken being Mafia and winning.
  • Should neither of these open the game, Ken is likely to be rid of the next round, or win the game if he is Mafia.

Oleg is generally assumed to be both stupid and incorrect in all games of Mafia (based on being constantly wrong and losing games). Because the group assumes Oleg's stupidity, he is often voted off quickly and is therefore very likely to win with Jester. Seanacton, sadly, also has a tendency to miss little details, leading to his embarrassing defeat in many games.

Noob Principle

Generally, Noobs, when they are not the mafia, will stay quiet and rarely participate. They do not come out as cops or angels. When they are mafia, they also do not speak often, and will generally choose to kill players whom they are close to personally. For example, Brian, when he is present, has often shown an undying need to kill Li. And vice versa. As of yet, no one has capitalized on the chance to frame Brian by killing Li on the first night.

Spooner Twist

Over the years there has developed a so-called Spooner Twist whereby Nick uses strategies that are deceptive to the point where other players think in the completely wrong places, causing victory for Nick. For instance, Nick has pretended to be Jester to avoid being voted off as Mafia. Nick, however, is not the only one who uses this strategy, but is the one who does it best.

MF has a wide array of strategies and seldom conform to one standard, therefore it is difficult to tell which role he is in, or how they are acting when they are in each of the roles. This often leads to people believing them when they are Mafia, or irrationally eliminating them even if they work for good.

Tier Playing

The idea of Tier Playing simply refers to the tendency for most people to kill players they believe are in the same "tier" of skill level as themselves.


Certain villagers express their boredom sincerely, while others use it as a scheme to mislead the other players into thinking they are a villager. MF often overthinks a situation and will vote out someone who is "too convincing" a villager, despite them being innocent. Boredom has also lead to the faking of various roles by multiple individuals which has greatly complicated the game. With the introduction of the Jester and this "new" and "influential" villager, games often take unexpected turns in which both villagers, mafia and the legitimate cops will all argue for the position of the true investigator. The first successful and almost disastrous game game with the first appearance of the "fake" cop was also the game in which the "Spooner twist" was also brought to the attention of VGOC.


MF proposes the following scoring system for Mafia:

  • There are three sides: Mafia, Jester (Optional), and Cop/Villager/Angel
  • All players get three points if their side wins
  • Aside from the points for winning, players can no longer gain points after they've been killed


1 point for every kill during the night

1 point for every Villager, Cop, or Angel voted out


2 points for each investigation of a Mafia


2 points for a successful save


1 point for every Mafia correctly voted out

2 extra points if they're still alive at the end of the game


2 extra points for winning

The idea with these scores is that every role has a similar potential maximum of points. In a 7-person game (2 Mafia, 1 Cop, 1 Angel, 3 Villagers), the Mafia, Villagers and Cop have a maximum total of seven points. The Angel has a higher theoretical maximum, able to make over ten points if they save every time, but in practice they're lucky if they get two saves (Which would result in seven points). The exception to this system is the Jester, who would only be used in large games. If they win, they only get five points, but they deprive everybody else of lots of points.

Scores can be tallied as an overall for the party, an average per game at a party, an all-time average, and an all-time highest score.

Please make comments on the scoring system, so that it can be bettered.

I suggest this system not be used at FUCUTTS. It takes a while to think up of a good system. Just ask Ken, he can come up with a pretty good system. ~Zhang 23:51, 26 January 2007 (EST)

If this is going to be used, I think that the Angel should get more points since it is often difficult to pick the right person. Also, extra Mafia points for killing special roles. Yes?

Game Summaries

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