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Mage:J Price

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Personal Details

Name: Jacqueline Price
Gender: Female
DOB: 8 / 3 / 1989
Job Title: SSO1 (Field)
Previous Employment: Office assistant (legal).
Address: 17 Hawthorne Close, St Albans, Herts.
Disabilities: None.
Notes: Has requested a field team assignment.


Correspondence (3)
Small Brass Compass.
Entropy None
Forces (3)
Blue John ring. Little finger left hand.
Life None
Mind (1)
Small Jet Pendant.
Matter None
Prime None
Spirit None
Time (3)
Pocket Watch.


An only child. Parents, George and June, are still alive and living in a bungalow St Albans. Jacqueline arrived late in their lives and probably after they'd given up any hope of having a family, so both are devoted. Both are now retired, her father having taking early retirement after working for British and Network Rail, her mother was a primary school teacher. Ms Price tries to get to see them every month/6 weeks or so.

Ms Prince has been described me as a quite, mousey girl, who never had much of a social life, possibly stemming from parents being over protective. Research has uncovered only a few boy friends, but none never really lasted, or went anywhere.

After the incident, the media started to focus on Ms Price, he employers a firm of solicitor's became worried about the bad publicity and requested she take extended leave. She went back to her parents' home to avoid the media interest but they soon found her there too. While being supportive it's obvious that Ms Price's parents find the situation very uncomfortable, both for what it's doing to her, forcing her to become more introverted, and because they had always shied away from attention themselves.

Official Report

Date: 17/5/10
Type of manifestation: Level 3 aport.
Public involvement: High.
Publicity risk: High but containable.
Paradigm risk: Low.


A morning commuter bus was destroyed by a German V2 rocket resulting in the deaths of six people and the injury of 17 others.

The focus of the event was a newly a activated moderator (Jacqueline Price) found dazed but unhurt at the scene.

Subject was enrolled on the standard containment / recruitment program. Early press speculations of a jihadist suicide bombing have been encouraged.

Detailed description

08:12 CTU dispatched to scene of a reported terrorist attack.
08:21 Scene assessed and deemed safe, emergency services allowed in.


After all the millennial business, Prognosticators have been talking about this like it is the start of the second coming, yet they still failed to mention that a bus and a dozen people were going to be killed in the process. [Deleted]

[Deleted prediction matter covered by security clearance Shepherd Aegis Final]

[Criticisms re casualties forwarded to Foresight]

Press were all over this one, pretty much claiming to have spotted the beards and thoub, so a few gentle winks and nudges was all it took to get the press to do our job for us on this one.

Fortunately we had enough warning to get the forensics sent to one of our guys. Shelley [Ms S. Coltrane: Scotland Yard forensic evidence, MC cleared] is pretty relaxed, but I think even she was surprised by the swastikas on the engine casing.

I think that we should have held Ms Price under POT, but Star Chamber [Board of directors, Department of Extra Border Control] directed a hands off approach IN WRITING.

If this lead us to Subject 0 [clearance Red Serpent Garden] then it will have been worth the risk.

Personal Journal



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