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Mage:James Smith

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Personal Details

Name: James Hershel Smith
Gender: Male
DOB: 14 / 3 / 1987
Job Title: SSO1 (Field)
Previous Employment: (Secret - clearance Blue Hades).
Address: None
Disabilities: None.
Notes: Has requested a field team assignment.

Private Details




Personal Journal

Session 1

See main Report

Session 2

A week of training at the Fort. More running and other exercise. Lessons in Survival, First Aid, Navigation and so on. Unarmed combat that was little more than brawling, I've had worse fights around the back of the pub when I was fifteen. Lastly, there was the training in traiing an old rifle around but not firing it.

Saturday they drove us out to Wales for some camping.

Session 15

The two black suits lead me down a garage and a BMW. From the bureau we drove into town, somewhere near the Cathedral and into a underground garage. From the car up in an elevator, then through the building. This building seemed to sprawl through several periods of building, from the original brick of the middle ages to modern concrete. In one room I was met by Father Michael. He interviewed me to check my identity, which I was able to prove easily. He warned me about a powerful mage, who currently goes by the name of Claus. Description is that he is a rhino of a man with a shock of really red hair. On contact, report, don't engage. In the morning, I was sent on my way with a new set of identity papers and a fast train journey to catch up with the others.

Session 20

Suddenly, it was bright and warm. I appeared to be on some stone platform with inlaid metal symbols. This is sandstone not concrete. The sky is livid red; hot & dry with an angry red sun overhead that appears to be too large.

I stood up and picked up the rifle. The stone platform is the top of a lower step pyramid. The land all around is sandy orange with some patches of dark green glossy vegetation. There are two other step pyramids, rubble from others which appear to broken up to build a European style building about a quarter mile away.

Driving down towards me is a hybrid motorcycle with two tank tracks at the rear. This has a driver, a passenger and a gunner with a machine gun. Behind it is a squad of 10 men in Nazi uniforms with rifles.

I waited since running away is pointless in this land - I would just get lost and shot at. It arrived and I could see that the passenger is an Officer in a gas mask. They shout at me to put the rifle down and point the machine gun at me, so I do this.

The officer approached and introduced himself as General HauptStadt. I told him that I was Herschal Smidt. He was expecting Ederstark to send two people in about six hours. I told him that I didn't know what had happened, there was an alarm, I jumped up on the top of the bunker then I was here.

We returned to the building. As we walked down, I noticed that the uniforms of the men looked sun bleached and worn. Machine gunner looks to be in his 50's, driver looks even older. This doesn't seem right; if they came here at the end of the war then they would be nearly a hundred years old.

I asked whether time travel was involved. Hauptstadt replied that this was the Nexus gates. Looking at the other pyramids I could see cages and these were the gates.

General Hauptstadt led me through the rooms and chambers of the building to a mad doctor's laboratory. All the trappings of a 'B' movie laboratory; crackling electrical discharges, bubbling glass work, etc. In the middle is a pedestal with a glass bell jar on top inside which is a wisden head. Squatting in a corner is a gorilla - it stares at me and growls.

"So what have you brought me, Hauptstadt?" The head asked. It's alive? "This man has been shot." It added. Hauptstadt looked around at me. I evinced shock and pain at this revelation.

"He claims to have fallen into the gate by accident." Hauptstadt reported. "A volunteer of not very good stock."

"I am Doctor Orloff." The head explained. "Now, I have a piece of equipment I have been hoping to test. You are the perfect test subject."

"What?" I exclaimed in alarm.

"Don't worry, it's an automatic healing machine." The doctor returned. "It's over there." The gorilla came over and led me by the arm over to a large cabinet with a man sized chamber on top. The gorilla lifted the clear top and I climbed in rather than be assisted by the beast. The lid was lowered and I was bathed in a warm flow of energy. The gorilla retired and I noted that it had a metal fixture on the back of it's skull.

Lying there I realised that this bath of energy was like the quint that John had given me but flavoured of Life energy. It was healing up my bullet wounds and slowed I began to draw on it to pump up my physical strength against future need.

Then Eberstark came in and a conversation began.

Orloff: "Finally you are here. What took you so long?"

Eberstark mumbled something.

Orloff: "Who was it who came with you?"

Eberstark: "Police. We were under attack. Why are you still living at the Nexus? What happened to NeuVolksland?"

Orloff: "Fimbulvetr. The jotnar were not as biddable as we had hoped. Have you brought the keys?"

Eberstark: "I have only the Nazca key."

Orloff: "Where is the Enoch key?"

Eberstark: "We have a group working on that."

Orloff: "No matter. We can leave this place now. Your policeman should come in handy."

I used some of the energy to modify my appearance to appear a little more Arian plus to grow some facial hair to disguise my appearance. That way if Eberstark said he didn't recognise me then Orloff would point out my changes of appearance as a reason why.

However, they didn't even seem to notice me and I got put to helping with moving equipment and materials to the step pyramid near by the building. I just kept my head down and waited until the sound of an explosion followed by rifle fire. When this began I ran behind the step pyramid to hide from the fire.

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