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Mage:Session 11

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Game Date: Wednesday 29th September 2010
Session Date: 27th July 2009
Author: Myles

A small warehouse in Germany

We barrel up in the smart car. Tooled up and ready for action. It’s late afternoon but still light. We don’t know what unit they are in so James tries to find out and comes to the conclusion that they are in a unit towards the back of the estate. There are eight others than Pinky in there. Two of the intelligences are a bit weird.

We try to figure out how to get close, best we can come up with is to hide behind some bushes to within 10 yds then sneak along the wall to the porch. Jacqui and James lead the way, with Jacqui blowing out one of the lights as a distraction. James has pumped himself up and clocks the man on the door – who is heavily armed with a nasty weapon which Jacqui tries to grab but fails. I follow in fairly short order, but take a bit of time to get there.

Jacqui tries to stab the guy in the neck and succeeds. In return he tries to shoot James, who dodges and then tries to hit him again but misses. I get there to find fireworks. He throws his gun down as Jacqui tries to stick he knife in again and succeeds.

I run at him and then bounce off. James follows up and messes up. Embarrassed by our poor showing, he staggers backwards into the warehouse and we follow him in. We can hear orders being barked in German.

Inside we find a symbol drawn on the floor - a kind of a mandala with a swastika at its centre. this is surrounded by a number of fascist looking youths. there are another couple of slightly older and swarthier guys in combat fatigues and caps. One is barking orders - he has an unusual glowing effect about the eyes!

James goes for the next nearest one, Jacqui having noticed a person in an office above pointing a weapon begins to make it heat up and malfunction with limited success. James does reasonably well with his opponent. My opponent has a baseball bat, I have an axe handle, let's go! I miss him, he connects to me. Ouch!

At this point Jacqui is hit by a bullet from the shooter above. Damn!

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Main Page House Rules Session Logs Background Personal Journals Player Characters Non-Player Characters Locations

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