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Mage:Session 12

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Game Date: Wednesday 29th September 2010
Session Date: 3rd August 2009
Author: Jon

Big Gribbly in the Warehouse?

John uses prime to add quintessence to his jacket enhancing, it's defensive qualities then enters to join the others.

Jacqui runs past, injured, seeking cover. James delivers a roundhouse kick to one of the heavies. John sprints for the stairs of the platform and the shooter manages to shoot himself with a ricochet while attempting to down him.

Jacqui starts to heal herself; John throws the spear at the shooter, running towards him and misses. James swings at his opponent and misses. Barney rushes the enemy who has glowing eyes, resisting a Spirit attack and smashes him in the head with a pickaxe handle. Even though his head is crushed he carries on as normal.

John stabs the shooter with the makeshift spear - he collapses and John grabs the weapon. Barney evades the knucklehead trying to grab him, but is gripped by the glowey-eye being. James hits another of the knuckleheads but causes no damage.

Pinky and the other glowey-eyes are headed for an SUV outside. Jacqui attempts to use Forces on the SUV's starter to kill it but has no sucess - they start to drive off. She runs towards the team's car. John locates a spare magazine on the now dieing shooter. Barney and James grapple to no effect. Barney breaks loose from the glowey-eyes and starts recovering his senses. Jacqui causes the SUV to sputter and stop. John shoots the glowey-eyes near Barney giving a sold hit, but it seems to have no effect.

Jacueline locks Pinky and the glowey-eyes in the car. Three assailants converge on James, who has problems dodging and attacking. One of the grapellers is shot down by John. Jacqui stabs one of the SUV's tyres.

James tries to rip the "Life" from the glowey-eyes causing it some damage. It bleeds from the eyes but is not seriously harmed. John shoots one of the knuckleheads on James, causing a glancing blow. Barney jumps on the SUV's bonnet and empties the clip of the MP40 into the glowey-eyes within. Pinky gets out and throws his ring to the ground.

James causes some damage to the glowey-eyes with a rip, but John accidentally hits him. John then totals the knucklehead and James finally rips the glowey-eyes.

The party and Pinky scarper after cleaning the weapon that John used, and chucking paint on the swastika. They head through the chain link fence and on to a neighbouring suburb. The MP40 is ditched and we return to the centre. We inform Fr. Auerbach of some of the details.

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Main Page House Rules Session Logs Background Personal Journals Player Characters Non-Player Characters Locations

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