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Mage:Session 13

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Session 13 : Later that same day

Traveling back with Pinkie, having disposed of the minibus, we have an initial chance to question him but he asked the first question.

"You have my stuff from my room?" He asked.

"Yes, you'll get it back in time." John replied.

"Can I make a call?" He requested.

"Who to?" John demanded.

"The Brain."

Jacqueline handed over her phone. Pinkie shuffled over and made a call to David Moller.

When Pinkie returned and handed back the phone, Jacqueline asked "What happened?" and this triggered from Pinkie a long rambling monologue of subdued complaint.

"I was in a bad place, um, what with the death of that accountant, some of the files I've seen, fu, pretty dodgy stuff, you know, who's keeping a lid on it, I don't know, don't trust the Star Chamber."

"But Neo-nazis?" Jacqueline protested.

"Wasn't my plan." Pinkie replied. "All I wanted to do was get bombed in Koln."

We got back to the hotel room before the rest of it came out. When we did, Jame felt the impact of combat and off pumping himself up. Feeling fatigued he collapsed into a corner. Interested in Pinkie's story, the rest ignored him.

Pinkie related the events: "Grabbed the file to demonstrate that the place isn't as secure as they like to think. Have you heard of the Ring of Steel, there's a lot more to it than you think; working on a plan to end anyone in view of one of those cameras."

"What? How will they do that?" Jacqueline demanded.

"Don't know, not my spheres. I'm just prime and spirit." Pinkie answered. "Got to Koln, into a club, talking to some short haired, muscle types. I'm drunk, high on more than alcohol, trying to impress, so hinted at secrets, spent some time doing that. On the way out of the club on the second night, took me to another hotel and we talked a lot. Don't know what they used, felt cold, had some executives, they kept asking about what I knew, not interested in the file, only interested in the occult works. Then they tied me up, left me for a couple of hours, someone came in with a small box, didn't really see what it was, then things went distant. All that time in the warehouse, working on something that didn't require mass murder to work, a type 3 gateway, don't know to where. They couldn't do this for themselves. Then you lot turned up, killed them and I was free."

"What were those men with glowing eyes?" John asked.

"Possessed. Only needed a type 1 gateway to do that."

"Who were they?"

"No idea, didn't find out who or what or why."

"What kind of occult mythology?" John asked.

"Euro-Indian, bit of Asian maybe? Big on the Runes though." Pinkie replied.

John receives a call on his cellphone. It's from Millington. "Have you recovered Pinkie?"


"We'll send someone to meet him."

"Got a bit heavy, in excess of what we expected."

"Ok. Debrief when you get back." Millington wasn't fazed. Pinkie's flight will be in the morning, about 11am. John and Barnie decide to babysit Pinkie overnight in case anything happened. Pinkie then suggested going out for some eats and some beers. They didn't feed him during the time he was under their control, so he's starving.

They now noticed that James had collapsed into sleep. James doesn't respond to being called, so John shakes him awake. James struggles into wakefulness, then straightens up. Everyone does a double take.

James appears different. Cheek bone and nose are more pronounced, his eyes are blue, he appears to be less bulky. James becomes puzzled by people's reactions, so looks in a mirror. James shudders in shock, then peers closely. "Well, I suppose that's an improvement."

"What happened?" Jacqueline demands.

"Well, I didn't originally look like a polynesian. I was born in Bristol. Typically English in appearance. The blue eyes are a bit different though." James replied.

"So what happened to you?"

"Well, it's a long story." James responded. They repaired to a bar where James related how he became awakened and ended up with a polynesian appearance. The Story

The night passed quietly and without disturbance. In the morning Pinkie was driven out to Koln airport. David Moller was there waiting to greet Pinkie and escort him home.

"Have you got the file?" Moller asked.

"No. It's still in the hotel safe. We'll bring it home with us." Jacqueline replied.

From there we returned to the Interpol offices. A noon appointment, which made for a tight timescale to get there. We were shown into a fairly bare white room, table, four chairs. Frau Auerback entered with two men, one uniformed, the other a suit. Frau Auerbach scanned the group; she did a double take at James and examined him carefully before continuing.

The senior uniformed man stepped forward and gave a long careful speech in English. Although intended to be a dressing down, his careful English reduced the impact. The summary is that each homicide costs him €1600 and we had left him with six to deal with. This said, he nodded to Frau Auerbach and the suit then left.

After this Frau Auerbach and the suit had a long discussion in rapid German. Impossible to follow for anyone who is not a native speaker of German. He then leaves. Frau Auerbach turned to us with a disapproving stare.

"As you probably gathered, you are not the favorites of the moment and after the trouble you have left them, these two interested parties have had to have their say on the matter." She told us.

"Do they know?" Jacqueline asked.


"Then we can leave?"

"No. I have had words with your agency about this. They have agreed that you are to help us out with an investigation involving the 'Neon', a neo-Nazi group. They have an occult aspect that we are sure that you can help with."

"We have a folder of material sent from England on them." She added and handed over the Ahnenerbe Research Notes folder.

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