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Mage:Session 15

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Session 15 : On with the action...

On with the action...

We have a security briefing with the anti terrorist section chiefs. They inform us of their working techniques. they tend towards tracking web based activities, particualry social networking sites. We ask if they are able to do direct traces on peoples' activity via broadband, and wire taps opntheir phones. they say that the ey are able to do all of the above, but this is of course subject to the proper legal permissions being obtained.

We think that they are not the most impressive bunch, and have not been spectacularly successful over the past few years, they seem to typify a particular type of bureaucrat. However, we keep that opinion to ourselves. They are know to the police, and therefore if any warrants are required they would be comparatively easy to obtain, as compared if they they were complete unknowns.

We decide to head off to Munich. I will get a close crop and clothes that will help me fir in with the right wing Bayern Munich crowd, and I will tail Scholl with the survailance team. The prof will take the Schmidts, as she is a lecturer in history. We will need to come up with a good cover story for him. He and I head off to Munich onthe autobahn. the police have supplied us with an undercover car. A 5 series BMW with a huge engine. the journey time reduces from 5 to 4 hours - bags I drive! Hard luck prof. Meantime, Jaqui has headed off to Blighty

A the match, Scholls crowd seem to be rowdy, and outwardly aggressive, but aren’t actually causing any trouble. I make sure that I am sending a message in regard to my attitude towards non European/ayrian players with a bit of generalised abuse and disapproval. I fit right in with the rest of the crowd in this area.

The prof doesn’t notice any appearances of awareness among them. However he does notice that someone is watching Scholl. However he soon realises that this is an undercover operative and pays no more attention. He does find himself being carried away with the experience of the collective thinking of the crowd, but not so much that he can’t control it.

After the match, I notic e that there are a group of English supporters in the crowd. I home in on them and disappear to a bar. I try to probe whether they are likely to receptive to soem of the more intolerant overtures I pretend to, but they aren’t receptive – I think I’m pleased. The prof heads from the match to the library to take a look. He is particularly looking for lillustrations relating to nazi symbolism. He finds a particular example that seems to be a 30’s update of an earlier symbol of Ygdrasil or some sort of representation of it.

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